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If you know us, we are picnicking ALL. THE. TIME. I usually pack food family style in baggies, so we are always chasing wrappers that get caught in the breeze.

I've had my eye on the Planet Box metal lunch boxes for a couple years now. I knew my kids would love the small compartmentalized containers and I would love not having to deal with baggies and wrappers. Planet Box sent us their Launch and Rover boxes to review for you.

Honestly, they are a bit pricey. But if you consider that they are the last lunch box you will ever purchase, then they are worth every penny and actually save you money in the long run. I got the Launch for me and Rover boxes for the kids. Since it's freezing outside in January here in Utah we haven't had a chance to picnic yet so I have been sending my husband to work with my Launch box everyday.

He loves it and so do I! I have been packing his lunch everyday for 2 years now (he works in the middle of know where, 30 minutes away from any fast food options). I usually send him with a cooler full of baggies and we go through SO MANY! So I have loved packing lunch in the Planet Box. It's easy to pack, easy to clean (by hand or dishwasher), and it holds enough food for a full adult meal.

The kids have been dying to use their Planet Boxes so I set up a little indoor picnic for the girls this week while the boys were having an epic Star Wars Lego battle downstairs. I packed their lunch while Breckyn collected some art supplies and I read them stories while they ate.

We can't wait to use these boxes this spring and summer on all of our adventures!


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