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After our RZR ride we headed over to Summit Inn Pizza in Garden City to do some take-out! (Thanks for having us Summit!) We reviewed Summit Inn Pizza in the winter and it was delicious. So we had to try it again! This time we took it to the Garden City Park Beach. Sadly, we were just a week early for their Dole Whips... so we'll have to check those out next time. (If you have one, let us know!)

The pizza did not disappoint. Their doodles (above) and sauces are always a favorite. This time we had the Margherita, Dan's Request and some personal pepperoni pizzas for the kids.

We made quick work of it and then everyone headed to the water.

While the actual park and playground are super nice at the Garden City Park, we came to walk the short boardwalk to eat at the beach.

It was pretty sunny, there was just enough of a chill in the water that we didn't wear our swimsuits. There was also enough sun to get a sunburn...I'll remember next time better to put more sunscreen on my kids. 

We let the kids roam around, making sandcastles, building dams and skipping rocks in the water.

The littles became quite obsessed with the Monster of Bear Lake. They were scared, but they were constantly chatting about the monster doing this and that. As we were discussing the monster, something starting swimming right past us! It was probably a marmot or beaver or otter? (I can't seem to find what water mammals live at Bear Lake.)

There are bathrooms located at the beach, but they were locked, so make sure to stop at the park before heading to the beach. There's a few picnic tables and benches, along with some shade, but you'll want to bring your own if you want to sit closer to the edge of the water.

It was the perfect day to play on the edges of the water and picnic.

It's not often we get everyone in the shot, so we had to take some quick photos of the Salt Project Gang. (Stephanie's above, Harmony's below.)

Oh! While we were there, we watching this family drive in on a surrey bike. We knew what we were going to do next!

What are some of your favorite spots to hit while visiting Garden City? More importantly, where is your favorite raspberry shake?


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