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New park alert!!!

Pioneer Park in Kaysville is GORGEOUS! It's huge, spacious, new, huge, did I mention it's huge?

These guys have it all, swings, slides, a little elevator, spider web, tunnels, things to climb, bridges, gorgeous walkways, lots of rocks to climb, bathrooms, and a giant barn with tables. Need I say more? Unfortunately, it was mid day when we went so it was blazing hot out, I wasn't feeling well, and the baby had just fallen asleep in the van, so I ran around to snap some photos really quick, then let the kids play for 15 minutes before we hit the road. Hey, just keepin' it real.

We will definitely be back to this park! Something for all ages. 

This climbing structure was awesome!

beautiful paths

If you have been to this park, we would love to know what you loved or didn't love so much about it.



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