Pineview Free Beach - Windsurfer Beach

Another Saturday Night,  adventure in the Disco to soak in as much summer as possible. If you are new here, my brother imports old Land Rover Discoverys and Defenders and fixes them up to resale here in the states. When we got rid of our van, I wanted something fun to drive and more suitable to our crazy lifestyle so he ordered me a right hand drive Discovery and it's been SO fun to drive and take on adventures. It's old and a little dinged up and perfect for what we need it for. 

Like going paddle boarding at the lake with a big dog and 20 kids!

We tied the board on top, and on the way home we just clipped the lifejackets to the ladder since they were wet and covered in sand and dirt.

And of course, we love adventuring with Get Treads app. Treads is an affordable monthly subscription for your tires and includes free road side assistance which we haven't had to use luckily, but it give me peace of mind adventuring in an older vehicle.

-The subscription includes:
-New set of tires
-Unlimited tire repairs and replacements
-Full on-demand roadside assistance
-The best part- all of Treads services are 100% mobile so Treads comes to you!
-The Treads app also tracks the wear and tear of your tires and sends you reminders when it’s time to rotate or replace your tires.
-Super easy to get started, just download the Treads app.

This beach has been on my list to visit for awhile now. It's perfect for an evening visit if you love shade like I do. It's located just after the dam at Pineview reservoir. The name is Windsurfer beach. It has a good size parking lot, bathrooms, and beach access.

The water level was high this year so there was about 20-30 ft of beach in most parts. 

Most people head down the stairs by the sign at the south end of the parking lot, but we took the trails to the east and found a perfect little private beach! There were trees on each side so we couldn't even see other people, and the parking lot was packed, being a Saturday night.

We had dinner on the beach and let the kids play in the sand and swim for hours. Definitely my idea of the perfect beach day.



It was Winnies first time at this lake (she went to a lake with her board and train last month), but this was our first time taking her. She has loved going to the river with us and is a good swimmer but I've never seen her swim in deep water and she did so good! She absolutely loves the water.

We headed out just as the storm started rolling in. Summer storms at the lake are so beautiful. 

We can't wait to go back to this spot. There is another free beach on the east side and Cemetery Point is a fee area that had great sand, but it usually crowded and lacks shade. Not sure if they allow dogs either.

I hope this post was helpful! If you go, tag us on instagram so we can share!


Happy Adventuring!

Helpful Tips

Bathrooms available 

Free Beach

Dog friendly

Parking access


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