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The Pickleville Playhouse is located on the south end of Bear Lake. We'd actually never heard nor actually knew what went on in that building until I chatted with a local guy named Rich. Rich said we HAD to make sure and visit the Pickleville Playhouse! He had nothing but awesome things to say about it! Come to find out, it seems like everyone knows about Pickleville Playhouse! 

Before each show, you can choose to dine at the Pickleville Grill (which we totally recommend.)

The atmosphere is lovely and fun and we happened to come on Fiesta Night! 

There are two levels of open dining and then there is the buffet line. We showed up around 6:30 and there was already a good line for the buffet. You'll want to get into line and hand them your tickets. Once you hit the food area, be sure to tell them how many kid meals you need as they get different food than what is on the buffet line. The kids had quesadillas, tater tots, and chips! 

The adults got to choose an assortment of meats, toppings, chips, and salsas and so much dang good food.  Seriously, for buffet food it was phenomenal. These guys know how to feed a crowd! 

After filling our bellies with good grub we heard that dessert was out. While everyone is eating the staff sets up a dessert table and you'll want to go and stand in line for dessert. 

We had hot churros and ice cream sundaes. The churros were my favorite! After dessert, we said goodbye to the husbands and babies and took our older kids (4-14) to their first (and our first) Pickleville Show! 

We saw the Shoot-out at Shadow Mountain (that was written by the owner and is local!) and it was HILARIOUS. We were kind of stunned by how awesome the singers were! There was action, humor, rap songs and some improv in the show. We all loved the show! 

If you are ever in the Bear Lake area and have a few hours, be sure to visit the Pickleville Playhouse! You won't regret it! See the full show line-up for 2019 here! Thanks to the Pickleville Playhouse for hosting The Salt Project! 

The Salt Project
This post is sponsored, but The Salt Project's opinions are 100% our own.
Check the website for shows and times
Entrance Fee(s)
You can buy dinner and the show
Or just dinner
Or the just the show!
Helpful Tips
  • Family Friendly
  • Bathrooms
  • We took 4-14 year old kids.
  • You'll be eating outside on the beatiful patio area, so dress accordingly!
(435) 946-2918

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