Peek a Boo Slot Canyon or Red Canyon | 12 Utah Staycations

We were super excited for our first guided hiking tour! We loved partnering with Kane County, they know ALL the things to do! I mean…who wouldn’t love a guided tour! Not only that, but we got to ride around in a high clearance vehicle! While you can drive out to Peekaboo Slot Canyon trailhead, you do need a good 4WD.

So we probably could have driven our Land Cruiser out there, but it’s always nice to have someone else drive who knows the terrain. Our guide, Brent, did tell us that many time a year, they have to pull people’s vehicles out of the sand. Especially in the summer months, when the sand it super soft and deep. 

So be aware and have a good 4WD vehicle! 

Once we got out to the trailhead, we were the only ones! It had just snowed that night, so there was plenty of mud. Luckily, I had packed all the kids some boots, unlucky for my husband and I…I forgot our boots. So we were just going to have to do some light footwork. 

Peek a Boo or "Red Canyon" is a .7 mile hike one way. It's very kid friendly with only a few small spots to climb over smaller boulders. 

We’ve talked about it before, but we really do love Red Rocks. My husband grew up in Southern Utah and I’ve been converted to the love of red rocks.

The kids were already scrambling all around. Since it was a slot canyon and in the middle of winter, I wasn’t too worried about them getting lost.

Now, as I said, I’ve never had a guided tour.

It really was nice to have Brent there. 

He would tell us super cool facts about the trail and show us where all the epic photo places were. He even showed us these star fossils in the rocks. Aiko and I were in love. 

Sometimes, if the water was too deep, Brent would go find some big rocks for us to step on instead of having to wade through the puddle.

It was kind of nice having someone there to help us out or give us a boost and make sure we didn’t fall backward in the pools of water. It was SO. NiCE. Plus, he was a third set of eyes to help watch with the other kids.

Star fossils...can you see them?

Peekaboo Canyon is also called Red Rock Canyon, and it’s one of the perfect family-friendly hikes. Even if we didn't have a guide, we would have been just fine the whole way too.

There was even a spot where he showed us some steps were carved into the wall. Apparently, this is where Native Americans would store their grain in storehouses. I would have walked right by and never noticed. 

The kids were having a blast. They literally just ran back and forth, climbing and throwing rocks into the water. They were in heaven when we found some dry sand. The hike was only .5 miles one way and really a breeze. We saw icicles, some of them were huge, so don’t stand under them for too long.

Some of the sand was so deceiving…you’d think it would be solid only to step your foot into 6 inches of soft fluffy wet sand. So many small details.

(Wrong shoes for sure, they were sopping wet within 5 minutes.)

By the time we started back, we were passing quite a few hikers. I was surprised to see so many 4wd vehicles (not a single CAR was there mind you.) 

It's a pretty popular hike but it doesn't have the crazy crowds. 

We loved hiking with Brent and loved hiking Peek a boo Slot Canyon!

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Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • YOU NEED A HIGH CLEARANCE VEHICLE TO REACH THE TRAILHEAD. It's super sandy and MANY people get stuck out there all the time. You need a GOOD 4WD vehicle, my friend has an AWD vehicle and got stuck…and had to call someone to come tow them out. You literally drive right through the river and where flash floods go seeing through the desert, so don’t think you can just drive anything out there. Be smart, because there isn’t a whole lot of cell phone service either. 
  • Bring extra water. 
  • No bathrooms
  • Kid friendly
  • Expect to get your feet wet. My feet were soaking by the end, but I stayed pretty warm in general. 
  • DO NOT Carve on the walls. 
  • Leave no trace, seriously.
  • 9 miles north of Kanab on HWY 89, between milepost 72 & 73 you'll see a turnoff sign. See Kane County's tips here

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