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Man, I can't believe Summer is over. It seems like only yesterday I was complaining about the heat...wait, that was yesterday. At the beginning of summer, you might remember us announcing our partnership with Ogden Bicycle Collective. We gave away 100 used and renewed bikes to kids who can't otherwise have one.

Before giving away the bikes, we needed to do a little clean-up and tune-up. We took about 30 bikes for the first round of the Pedal Drive. We hit one snag right away. Apparently, one needs water to do a Bike Scrub. Luckily, Clint was quick to find a solution. We carried large buckets to a spigot at the nearby school that just happened to have a hose hooked up and waiting for us. Thanks school!

We scrubbed those bikes.

We fixed flat tires.

Some of us learned new bike skills that night.

Let's give a huge shout-out to The Sign Garage for sponsoring this sweet banner! It's now hanging in the Ogden Bicycle Collective.

Every bike (around 30) was carefully checked over. We had a pretty good system going.

Our volunteers were awesome.

We had volunteers of every kind. Some brought their families, some came solo, all were super helpful.

This service project was the perfect activity for even the tiniest toddlers. Anyone can scrub a bike!

It was the perfect summer night. We ended with popsicles. Since we were playing in the bubbles, it didn't get too hot and everyone had fun. A water fight may have happened too.

If you ever want to learn how to tune-up your own bike, be sure to stop by Ogden Bicycle Collective. Or if you want to do some service of your own, you can volunteer at the shop!

Thanks to everyone that came and supported Pedal Drive! We're hoping to host another one soon.

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