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Was it just by chance The Salt Project planned a Staycation during Peach Days in Brigham City? NOPE! Neither Steph nor I had been to Peach Days and have always wanted too! Thanks to our awesome partner; Box Elder County for making dreams come true! 

As we were driving through Brigham City, we saw that they were setting up for Peach Days and knew we needed to walk around. We've come to love walking through the small towns we visit, especially the main part of town. 

Walking through town gives you a whole different perspective and it's super fun to see all the shops and history. 

We weren't the only ones walking through, lots of families, people on bikes and random people strolled through the rides. 

Our kids were getting SUPER excited to go on some rides the next day when Peach Days actually opened. 

As we walked through town you could see tons of blankets and chairs set up for the parade. It's funny how people claim their spots and other people honor this funny code system.

A few days later at Peach Days Parade!

We woke up along the shores of Willard Bay! After eating some peaches on the shore we headed to Brigham City for the Parade. 

It truly was amazing how many people there were!

The kids got ready and lined the streets.

Soon, there was tons of candy! 

Poor Stephanie got hit in the lip with a Snickers out! 

After about 30 minutes at the parade, I started noticing that there were NO lines at the rides across the street. I made the decision then and there that it was time to go ride the rides! I mean, who can pass up a no-wait situation!?

Literally, no lines! 

We walked around and did quite a few different rides and the parade was still going! 

There were rides for all ages. Apparently, the best thing is to get the Unlimited Rides wristband. 

What's your favorite part of Peach Days? We loved seeing all the booths and vendors and everything Peach!  We heard that there's even a Peach Pageant, Car Show and Harley Bike show! We're just going to have to come back again to see it all. 

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The Salt Project
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Annual Event in September
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • People put out blankets days before to claim a spot for the Parade, so plan accordingly!
  • Hotels sell out in little Brigham City, so book early. 
  • Plan on hauling your kids in some kind of stroller or wagon. 
  • Bring sunscreen and lots of water. 
  • Parking is crazy, there's even a shuttle service!
  • It's pretty crowded but SOO worth experiencing. 
  • Lots of local restaurants have Peach themed menus, so be sure to ask about any specials. 

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