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One of the challenges from our Questival Race was to hike to the Parrish Creek Pictographs in Centerville. There was another team there too, they were in front of us but went anther way. They never made it to the pictographs. You take the main trail, but then turn off a side trail that is very small. I never would have seen it if my friend who was leading us didn't know where it was. So take a good look at the pictures below so you know where to turn.

Also, this hike was super easy and short (1 mile rt) but there were so steap parts. I would reccomend ages 7 and up personally. Unless your kids are avid hikers with gear.

You park at the base of the mountain and the trail head starts just north of the parking lot at this sign.

Follow the trail straight up the mountain until you come to this stop where the trail forks. You will see a hiking post, head north toward the canyon.

Next you will come to a brigde, cross it

Now this is the important part, turn right after you cross the bridge. It's won't look like a trail, it is very small and narrow.

You will pass a couple small waterfalls

Another Questival challenge was to take the polar bear plunge under a waterfall. It's been on my list for awhile now, so into the ice cold water I went. So refreshing.

Just beyond the falls you will see a ledge of rocks. Thats where you will find the pictographs.

At the top of the first ledge of this rock formation you will see this post and just to the right of the post you will see the pictographs up on the ledge. We almost missed them, you have to look close. Please be respectful and don't touch.

This was a beautiful hike. Full sun. Follows a river for the second half. The water there is used for our drinking water so if you take dogs, DO NOT let them poop by the river. Bagged it up or make sure they take care of business far from the river.


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