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We just celebrated our 15th anniversary, so husband and I decided to head to the mountains without kids for a little weekend getaway. It's been over 10 years since our last getaway without kids. And I was "this close" to bringing the kids on this trip, but thanks to some encouragement from friends and some incredible family offering to take all of our kids, we drove off and didn't look back!

Ok, I might have mentioned a few times how much the kids would have loved this or that. But in the end, I'm so glad we went away. I'm making a commitment to plan one "kid-less" trip per year from here on out. We ate incredible food, and it was actually hot food! A hot meal is something that is few and far between when you have littles to feed. We slept in each morning, when to see a movie, looked at art, you know, all the things you can't truly enjoy with 5 kids in tow. The first of November is a great time to visit Park City because it's the slow season. 

We stayed at the beautiful Hyatt Place. This is a great place to stay because they have a killer complimentary breakfast, they allow pets, and it's super kid friendly with a heated pool and hot tub (not that it matters, you know, since we didn't have kids with us), but... we are going back with them, because, well, they would have LOVED IT!!! Sorry, not sorry.

Our new Park City favorite is Freshies! These guys won best Lobster Roll in the country in 2017 and second best 2018! I've heard nothing but good things about them so we had to go check it out for ourselves. There are no words, I'm sorry, it was all to perfect. Dan got the XL roll, i got the grilled cheese and lobster, and a cup'a lobster bisque, the chunky goodness was perfection. Oh and lets not forget the wild blueberry pie! Yep, I squeezed that baby into my stomach by some small miracle, the miracle being that I had to take the other half of my sand which home with me (a blessing in disguise?). That made for 2 lobster meals in a row which you would have to be crazy to say no to.

We actually ran into someone at Freshies that we saw at dinner the night before at our other favorite spot Twisted Fern! They were visiting from Dallas, where we lived before moving back to Utah. It was quite the coincidence.  I guess we both have good taste in food! She gave me a couple more recommendations, so I'll be sure to share more places next time we visit.

Twisted Fern is a bit on the fancy side as far as the menu goes. The menu is always changing because they use local food in season so you never know what you are going to get. But man, the food is good. Like really really good. The service is top notch and the food is plated so beautifully it's hard to just dig in and mess it all up.

And lets not forget our other favorite Vinto! Italian cream sodas, fresh gelato, and you guys, THE BEST beet salad in all the land. I kid you not. Dan doesn't like goat cheese but after this salad he has crossed over to the dark side. 

The hardest part I have when visiting a place I have been before, is deciding on whether to eat at our favorite spots or try some place new. I think it's important to do both. I love trying to places, but there is just something about visiting your all time favorite spot that you only get to visit on occasion.

We hit the quaint small town Park City movie theater, stopped to visit the Swaner Nature Preserve. It's free to visit and looks out over 850 lacers with paths and all kinds of fun stuff for kids. They have an incredible Arachnid exhibit until Dec 8th that I had to check out before we left town. Totally worth the $7 to see the special exhibit of 100 live spiders and scorpions.

We enjoyed walking main street, visiting art galleries, and all the unique shops. Park City will always have our heart.

Be sure to check out our other Fall Park City guide HERE. And let us know if there are any spots we need to hit when we visit again in the spring.



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