Paper Airplane Trail at Powder Mountain

We've been seeing photos here and there of a giant paper airplane on Powder Mountain and we finally found it. Not that it's hard, but I was a little intimidated because all the photos I've seen have people on mountain bikes. I did a little research and found out it was a beginner trail (for adults) and figured the kids could probably do the .9 (ish) ride down the mountain. 

It was pretty exciting coming around the bend and spying the airplane way out there. It looked magical! 

We literally put "Paper Airplane Trail" in our phones and it took us right to the trailhead. 

Forgive me, but I got a little camera happy. I don't mountain bike and I love watching them get better at biking! 

The kids started flying down the hill. It wasn't super steep and they got away from me. 

It was this point when I realized Orion has crashed and then Aiko crashed going around him. 

The cloud of dirt is Aiko crashing. 

I feel like it was a good reminder for them to go a little bit slower and be more cautious.

Luckily, they hopped right up and kept going. 

After that turn they all went a bit more carefully. 

About half way down the trail is a Tree House! It's a huge deck and a perfect spot to get some water, snacks or even picnic! 

Tiny Vesper walked/run/biffed most of this trail. While she did fine, it's kind of rocky some spots and she seemed to bite the dust often. 

I'd say it was about 25% shaded. The rest was full sun. 

This is the only real spot you need to pay attention. Just follow the sign to the paper airplane. 

We finally made it to the Paper Airplane! 

We were lucky that some big bikers were there. The kids loved watching him come up the airplane. 

After Orion watched the big biker, he thought he could pull up his strider bike and ride down. 

It didn't happen. 

Vesper and her dad were just behind us. 

While I didn't see any reports of snakes in all that I read, I would be cautious. I'm not sure if they are up this high, but I did a quick walk around to double check everything. 

Man, that is some serious dirt. 

Even Vesper decided climbing looked super fun. 

My man-child/Husband couldn't help himself and started climbing to the top. Come to find out, it's not for climbing. It's not reinforced like the bottom half. 

The husband also got some new hiking shoes from Forsake. He's like "they actually grip things."

Aiko's swagger kills me. She was so proud of herself for jumping. 

See what I mean about dirt?

Recap. The ride coming down was fairly easy and my kids may have walked some turns but they did it all themselves. I read that the loop is not really a loop so we went back the way we came. 

So MUCH dirt! 

The ride coming up was a little different. Orion was upset he couldn't bike the whole way. While it's uphill I don't feel like it was super steep. 

The kids could walk to a short hill and then bike a short way on the flat parts. 

Vesper was not happy about having to ride in the Osprey. 

It was definetly tougher for these little guys on the way up. We eventually helped and carried their bikes. Luckily, they aren't heave at all. 

We stopped for another snack and that helped everyone's grumpiness. 

The views are REAL pretty. 

The kids got some new Woom shirts (just launched!) and they LOVED the bikers pockets. Each one had to carefully pick an item that could go in their pockets. 

Don't forget your water. 

Thinking we need to do a Salt Project Meet-Up here! 

Back at it. At the top of the trail is pretty flat but there are also some little hills too. 

The kids spent another 15 minutes going back and forth on this spot. We probably could have just stayed here the whole time and they would have loved it! 

The views really are amazing. You can see Eden and then I think you can even seen Morgan. Such a pretty view! 

Crazy little girl. She's got a wild spirit and we try not to tame it too much. 

Powder Mountain is literally 30 minutes from us and we've only been a handful of times. We need to change that. Where's your favorite place to let the kids bike? Here's a few other bike trails we've been. 


It was around 7:30 when we started driving down the mountain and we saw SOOO much deer! 

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

Appr. Address. It's on this road, you'll just park on the side and there is a side road sign.
7485-7866 Horizon Rd Eden, UT 84310
41.367455, -111.767944

  • Beginner Trail for bikers
  • Easy Hike for hikers.
  • I've read that this is a loop, but everyone I asked on the trail said no. So we just hiked down to the paper airplane and then walked back up the way we came. I think it's about .9 miles total. 
  • Super Dusty!
  • Easy trail down, uphill (thought not super steep) all the way back up. 
  • Not super shady
  • No water
  • No bathrooms nearby
  • Awesome Views
  • Watch out for bikers.
  • Watch out for hikers, bikers. 
  • Fun Treehouse on the way.
  • Pack it In, Pack it out. 
  • I'm not sure if dogs are allowed.
  • Kid Friendly- Our two-year-old hiked the whole way down. 
  • Lots of wildflowers! (July)

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