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We were super lucky to have a local plan our Sevier County Staycation! SO lucky! Katelin was born and raised in Richfield, so she knew allll the places we would love! This time she showed us the way to the Pando Forest Overlook above Fish Lake!

The Pando Forest is THE largest living organism on the planet and it's right here in Utah! It's also next to Fish Lake and the view is stunning! 

Be sure to check out the map below for our exact route. Also, don't forget to stop at Bum Rock

You can see Pando on the left above. (Like way to the left, the photo is kind of off perspective.)

It was a long dirt road to get to this overlook but it is a must! 

We left Stephanie's van about halfway up, just in case, the road got a little too bumpy. 

Next up, Fish Lake Lodge! 

The Salt Project
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35+ minute detour from Fishlake Lodge each way
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Longitude 38.52889291914261 Latitude -111.7125082359347
  • Dirt Road, some spots may be impassable if you don't have 4-Wheel Drive vehicles. We parked Stephanie's van about halfway up, but I feel like it probably could have made it all the way up. 
  • No bathrooms
  • Steep drop-offs, be careful with your kids. 

Here's a map, just in case you want directions from the Lodge. 

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