Palisade Park Splash Pad | Orem City's First Splash Pad is now open!

The first splash pad in Orem is now open! The official ribbon-cutting ceremony was Tuesday. We have been frequenting splash pads this summer, especially with how hot it has been, and this is one of our favorites so far!  

There are shade structures, rock seats, and and several nozzles that spray and shut off on a repeating program. My 18-month old loved running through the shallow rivers!  

The splash pad is located in Palisade park- right next to a playground, covered pavilion, and snack shack.

According to a city spokesman, the design of the splash pad reflects the surrounding area and the city’s agriculture history. "The headwaters are designed to resemble Mount Timpanogos and Bridal Veil Falls with five water lines. The middle path is a full waterfall that people can get behind. Two are contact walls, where water runs down the wall. One is a split fall that allows currents to run down the wall, and the last is a separated fall that starts running down the wall and separates in a fall midway down.”

The majestic Mount Timpanogos is the backdrop of the headwaters.  

This splash pad is suited for all ages and fun for even the youngest kids with shallow waters and fountains.  We will be returning here soon!  

Thanks for sharing Lisel! We're excited to add this to our Splash Pad Arsenal!

Be sure to #thesaltproject when you go!

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