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While we've been wanting our Secret Service Ninja to appear more frequently, we're a little embarrassed that he hasn't.  In March we were able to volunteer to go and plant 20 trees at the Ogden Nature Center. (Read our previous posts here.)

At first, we were kind of like...WHOA, 20 trees...11 kids under the age of 13 and then three of them are basically babies?! We were envisioning the ones you buy with a 20 gallon bucket on the bottom...Crazy talk.

Luckily, they were more like little twig bushes. We could handle that. We set out to Zone 6 for our tree planting. After a short orientation on how to plant our trees, we set to work.

First, we had to dig the holes. They needed to be so deep and so wide. After we had to poke holes in the dug hole to help the roots.

Compost was then carefully added by Seth and Makelle.

Next, we needed to dip said twig bushes into a fungi bacteria called "mycorrhizae."  (Trying spelling that sucker.)

Everybody had a shovel, big or small, so it was great even for the toddlers.

After the twig bushes were dipped, we placed them in the holes and then covered them with dirt. Really, it maybe took us an hour.  The kids worked diligently on about 3 holes, doing everything themselves, while the adults dug all the others.  Man, the kids were super thorough.  They made sure the holes were wide enough, deep enough and then poked holes all around the inside to make sure the roots could expand. It was kind of adorable to see how diligently the kids worked.

One of the last steps was watering each plant.  The kids loved this part.

The last part was placing a flag next to each and we were done.  We felt as if the flags and Zone 6 were meant for The Salt Project, being orange and all.

After, we hauled all our stuff back.  Dan makes this look easier.  But we literally had 2 adults and 2 kids helping get all that compost out to Zone 6.  The flat tire didn't help either.  We did get one of the closer zones, so thank goodness for that!

Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice picnic (Don't let Harmony's green smoothie scare you!) on the benches and explored the Nature Center for a while. Felt so good to do some service. We love our Earth!

Be sure to check out Stephanie's families birdhouse that won first place in the Recycled Division!

Plus, see our previous post about the Ogden Nature Center!

Are there any Service Projects you guys love to do?


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