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During our Questival Race to the Spiral Jetty on our quest to find the Pink Salt Lake, we just happened to pass this steaming graffiti wood wall on the side of the road in the middle of know where. I had heard rumors that there were hot springs out this way so we decided to stop and see if this was it. Sure enough, we found them. They are a bit dodgy, so much so that I wasn't willing to jump in, and I'm usually down for anything crazy like that. There were a couple of people there soaking after a long work week. They said they swear that the springs have healing powers. Others have commented and told us that if you jump in, you will stink for a week. I dipped my feet in to test the heat (nice and hot) and I can personally attest that there was no sulfur smell after I dried off. But hey, If you don't shower for a week, them I'm sure at least your hair is going to stink majorly of sulfur. Speaking of bathing, these are NOT bath tubs. Please wear your swimmers and of course NO GLASS please.

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