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As we wind down our whole Ogden City focus, we'd thought you like to know about this amazing little river walk along the Weber River.  9.6 miles of paved goodness with a whole lotta stops along the way.  We've listed these in order from east to west.

Rainbow Gardens (Mormon Muffins)

Really, they are the ultimate muffins.  Delicious, warm, bran.  They even put up the recipe on the website, just to prove that theirs will always taste better. 

George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park

Just across the street from the Rainbow Gardens the trail takes you along the Dinosaur Park.  While strolling by you can spy some dinosaurs and even hear some of them roaring too! 

Check out our posts about the Mormon Muffins and the Dino Park.

Lorin Farr Swimming Pool

Some serious history has been made here.  Perhaps you have heard of a little guy named Squints, who is rescued by the lovely Wendy Peffercorn and ends up giving him the fish kiss. Or does the name "The Beast" ring a bell? Or perhaps "First you take a graham. Then you stick the chocolate on the graham. And then you roast the mallow. And when the mallows flaming you stick it on the chocolate. Then you cover it with the other graham. And then you stuff it. "  No?  Well, friends, then you totally need to buy The Sandlot.  It's a Classic.  Plus, the pool scene was filmed in Ogden, at Lorin Farr Swimming Pool.

Yeah, it's that cool.  We're adding it to our list of places to go this summer for sure.

Lorin Farr Skate Park/Rampage Park

I'm not a skateboarder/razor/bmx or whatever they call all this fancy riding.  But this park is pretty amazing.  Packed full of all ages, showing their tricks. (Perhaps I need to research the lingo better.)  Right next to the skate park is Rampage Park (I think, I couldn't remember the exact name.) There you'll find a toddler park and another park designated for 5-11 year olds.  Which, I thought that this was a weird age, but it was a pretty cool park sponsored by Home Depot.

Ogden Pioneer Stadium Murals

This was a lovely surprise for us.  We actually started our walk by Slackwater Pizza (which is also where the very top Ogden sign photo was taken.) and were strolling by when all of a sudden we found a whole group of Murals!

These are only some of them, but they sure were cool. See our post of some of Ogden's Murals.

These photos were actually taken last year sometime, when there was greenery.  But it's just a small snippet of how beautiful the parkway is.  If only someone hadn't stolen my bike (like I found out two days ago) so we could ride through the trees.  SIGH.

You'll find tons of bridges and pathways all along the river.  Kids have built dams, fisherman fish, people tube down the river... well, I did in high school.  It probably wasn't my smartest move, as the river was very high then either.  I remember having to be saved from the river and never going back to tube the river.

Fort Buenaventura

This...THIS is Stephanie's and mine highlight of the YEAR. A few years ago I saw this random banner in Layton City that said there was a Mountain Man Rendezvous in Ogden over Easter Weekend and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I literally had to drag my siblings there.  After we got there, they couldn't deny the "coolness."  Fort Buenaventura is hidden away right in the heart of Ogden. For two bucks a person you could make some amazing memories there. Knife throwing competitions, canoeing, dutch oven cooking, kettle fries, bartering (the most amazing vintage wool blankets you'll ever see like this one, except I paid $60), jewelry, people dress up in civil war clothing, the man in the loin cloth, fresh home made root beer, and all sorts of people selling homemade items. I can't even express how cool this is. It kind of makes Stephanie and I start beaming with happiness. BEAMING.

Make sure to bring cash to barter with.  Because really, there are serious about bartering.  If you don't have cold hard cash, they may consider your animal pelts.

That's it guys.  Fort Buenaventura is probably the best way to end the Ogden River Parkway.  Don't forget to tag your weekend adventures with #thesaltproject.  We've love to see what you've been up too!

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Helpful Tips
  1. You can enter the Parkway almost anywhere, but we've only put the beginning address at Rainbow Gardens below.
  2. It's wheel friendly.  So bicycles, roller skates, strollers, unicycles, it's all good. 
  3. It's dog friendly.
  4. Mile Markers
  5. There are some bathroom stops along the way.
  6. Pack some water.
  7. Fishing is allowed, but you do need a license.
  8. There are multiple ways to get to the Parkway. 
  9. Picnic Tables can be found.
  10. Expect your kids to get wet and play in the river, although I would wear shoes in the water.

Here's the whole list of the Ogden River Parkway Highlights.

  • Rainbow Gardens
  • George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park
  • Big Dee Sports Park
  • El Monte Golf Course
  • MTC Learning Park
  • Lorin Farr Swimming Pool and Rampage Park  
  • Lorin Farr Park
  • Lorin Farr Skate Park  
  • Ogden Pioneer Stadium
  • West Stadium Park
  • Slackwater Pizza and Pub and Bingham Cyclery
  • Goode Ski Lake  
  • Kayak Park  
  • Miles Goodyear Park  
  • King Fisher Aviary
  • Fort Buenaventura

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