Ogden River Parkway - Centennial Trail - BEGINING TO END

Since Covid-19 and quarantine hit us this spring, we have had the best time exploring all the places that we never really could before because we got longboards and bikes!

We have always had bikes, but not enough for the whole family to ride at once. Also, they take up so much space that we couldn't fit them in our van and fit all of our kids too.

The first week of quarantine my kids ordered longboards on line. They have been the biggest game changer for us. We have been able to explore places that we have never been and we have had a blast doing it!

We have explored parts of the Ogden River Centennial Trail before, but to explore from the canyon to the freeway was awesome!

You can start at a dozen different spots along the way. We started at the Ogden Botanical Center and rode up to the canyon, then back. There is a slight incline going east, so we thought this would be the best way, work to get there, then cruise the whole way back.

This is the waterfall in Ogden Canyon. It is beautiful in the spring and summer with the run off. You can hike down to the river on a short 3 minute trail, or you can just pull over and take photos from your vehicle.  There is no parking lot, but there is a large pull off area.


So fun taking all of my teenage nieces and nephews to explore this trail.

Longboards found HERE. After we got them, they were sold out for months. I finally was able to get one for my 10 year old in September, just in time for his bday in October.


This trial has several tunnels and bridges which are fun to ride through. The path is miles long starting at the mouth of the canyon, all the way to Riverdale. See part 3 of this trail HERE.

This trail goes by the Ogden Dinosaur Museum and Dee Memorial Park (pictured below)

It has a lot of shade too.

Click HERE for part 2 of the trail, Dee memorial Park to Ogden Botanical Garden.

Helpful Tips

Access trail at dozens of points along the trail.

Click HERE to see all the awesome stuff along the trail

Part one (this post)

Part two (botanical garden, park, river)

Part three (Lorin Farr, High Adventure Park, Trackline Bike Park, Fort Buenaventura and beyond!)

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