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We're back at it.  You loved our Mural Post so much, that we decided to find some more!  This time in my favorite town, Ogden.  I know, you are probably gasping right now.  Many of you fear Ogden.  While Ogden does have a bad reputation, that was years ago people!  Did you know that Ogden was voted the 3rd best city to raise a family?   It's true friends, Ogden even beat our Provo, who was in tenth place.  My family has lived in Ogden for four generations.  FOUR.  We've seen the ups and downs and honestly, I truly love it.  LOVE IT.  Stephanie's parents grew up in Ogden too.  It's in our blood people.  Because we love Ogden so much, we are going to be highlighting O-Town this week.

Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo

315 24th St, Ogden on the side of the CraftBurger - Get your calendar out!  You've got to hit the Rodeo up this year!

Parking Lot

Corner of 23rd and Washington, Ogden- I just learned that once upon a time there was a giant regional mall here.  But no longer, they ripped it down as the NewGate Mall opened up.  I have vague memories that something else used to be painted on this wall, but I just don't know if they are real memories or something I've made up.

Marion Hotel Coca-Cola

194 E 2500 S, Ogden - For all you coke lovers out there!

We know there are a few others that we need to see, but do you have any suggestions?  We'd love to hear it. 

Apparently, I forgot this one, but we aren't really sure where it is...anyone know the address?

Harmony out.


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Aliza B Mon, 03/23/2015 - 09:02

I love that you are spotlighting local art! I used to live in Pleasant Grove and loved the mural that they painted on a half-block long wall. I admire the talent it takes to do something like that. I can't wait to see more of you finds from around the state.

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