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Melinda here!

Last week, we were able to join Mikaela and Scout from Indie Ogden to meet the master minds behind Ogden Made, a local bag design company based entirely out of Ogden.

Their bags come in a crazy amount of color options.

We started in their office where they were kind enough to show us their different lines of bags and we even got a sneak peak at some of the prototypes that are currently in the pre-production phase.

Parker was showing us around and telling us about how he started his own business selling handmade leather wallets before being asked to join Ogden Made to help get them off the ground. It was so fun to teach the kids about how their idea went from concept to market.

Definitely a good economics lesson that lead me to picking up this book to read.  I decided that we are going to start some little business for the kiddos to run over the summer.  I am thinking an egg and herb stand as we love to garden and have chickens at our house. Parker definitely had a passion for what he does and was able to instill that love of business in us in the short hour we spent with him.

After sharing their back story about how they started Ogden Made by quite literally sitting down and making bags for themselves before ever realizing other people would want to buy them, they took us over to the warehouse to show us how the bags are made. 

(The photo above is from their parking lot.)

Whenever I think of factories I still picture black and white photos and large machines with conveyer belts, so it was quite eye opening to see how it really works, at least in Ogden! Their room was equipped with a bunch of high end sewing machines and four sweet, talented local ladies. 

They stopped to chat with the kids and tell us about how an order comes in from online, and they go and pick out the necessary fabric colors and then sit down, cut out the pieces and hand sew them together that day before shipping it out to the customer. Each bag is even hand signed by the lady that makes it.

Somehow having someone make something immediately after I placed an order requesting it, blew my mind.  There weren’t actually any conveyer belts or dark stuffy rooms.


The kids were intrigued watching how fast they could work and saw firsthand how these ladies use their talents to create products and have a skill set that they work with every day. 

The guys in the office draw a picture of what they want, describe how they want it to feel and these ladies make it happen.  Amazing skill! It was all very enlightening. 

I went home and immediate surfed around on their website and picked out a bag for myself. 

Before this trip, I didn’t even realize there were factories in Utah, ashamedly, I still believed everything came from China or if it was made in the US it was somewhere in the Midwest, by large machines and of course, those conveyer belts with tons of prefabricated products that are pulled off a warehouse shipping line.  The tour was both fun and educational; a good lesson about the right ways to start and operate a business. Plus, we got to see a cool, modern factory!

Helpful Tips

Yes, they are local and really made in Ogden! Check out their website above.


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