Ogden - foodie guide

One thing that sets Ogden apart from other cities are the amazing restaurants that you cant find anywhere else.

The Sonora Grill in Ogden is family owned and located in the hub of down town. It has a beautiful indoor atmosphere, as well as a beautiful patio for dining al fresco.

The menu has classic items like fresh chips and salsa and tacos. But also more unique dishes like ceviche. Our favorite was the queso made table side. The kids loved watching it being made and it was amazing!

They also grow all of their lettuce at a hydroponic garden two blocks away. If you are looking for the freshest salad from the most perfect lettuce of your life. Go check them out.

Overall, Sonora Grill in Ogden offers a pleasant ambiance, prompt and friendly service, and most importantly, delicious food. The flavors and quality of the dishes left us fully satisfied. If you're willing to venture a bit for a memorable dining experience, Sonora Grill is definitely worth the visit.


Lucky Slice Pizza is a popular pizza joint located in Ogden, Utah. Known for its delicious New York-style pizza, Lucky Slice offers a wide range of flavorful and creative pizza options. Their menu includes classic favorites like cheese, pepperoni, and Margherita pizzas, as well as unique combinations such as the “Mac & Cheese” or the “Chicken Bacon Ranch” pizza.


Apart from pizza, Lucky Slice also serves appetizers, salads, and sandwiches. The restaurant has a casual and inviting atmosphere, making it a great place to grab a bite with friends or family. They often have a rotating selection of craft beers on tap, which pairs well with their mouthwatering pizzas.


Lucky Slice Pizza has garnered a positive reputation for their quality ingredients, generous portion sizes, and friendly customer service. It has become a beloved local spot for pizza lovers in Ogden, Utah.

Farr's Ice Cream is a well-known and beloved ice cream shop located in Ogden, Utah. With a history dating back to 1920, Farr's has been delighting locals and visitors with its delicious ice cream creations for many years.


Farr's Ice Cream offers a wide variety of ice cream flavors, ranging from traditional favorites like chocolate and vanilla to unique and seasonal options. They use high-quality ingredients to craft their ice creams, ensuring rich and creamy textures along with fantastic flavors.


In addition to their ice cream scoops, Farr's also serves ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, floats, and other frozen treats. They offer a range of toppings and syrups to customize your dessert just the way you like it.


Farr's Ice Cream has a charming and nostalgic atmosphere that adds to the overall experience. Whether you're looking to satisfy a sweet craving or enjoy a refreshing treat, Farr's is a fantastic destination in Ogden, Utah, for ice cream lovers of all ages.

We hope you try out some of these Ogden classics next time you visit Ogden with your family.

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