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We finally did it! After one failed attempt, we headed back up the mountain to find the Ogden Christmas Tree on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail! It's just as lovely as all the photos we've seen. Lucky for us, this is a trail we know and love VERY much. We actually call it the Bench Hike Trail. Because if you go further south on the trail you'll find yourself at the best bench to view Ogden City. 

Today, it was 47 degrees. It was the perfect day to attempt hiking to the Ogden Christmas Tree. We tried earlier this week, but we got started at sunset and it was much colder. We met a guy along the trail with spikes on his shoes, headlamp and some hiking poles. We asked him about the tree and he said you'd probably want the right gear and not take kids. Little does he know, we hike this trail in the summer multiple times a month. I knew we'd be back. 

I actually forgot to take photos along the trail up. I'll admit, there is one sketchy part of the trail where the trail gets quite thin and with icy conditions it could be scary. Since we've hiked this so much, I didn't think it's a big deal, but I could see how it would frighten others. Just hold tight to your tiny one's hands. Since it was warmer that day, it wasn't icy and the trail was pretty soft but not slushy. The kids had no problem climbing it themselves. (Although, one did have a melt-down pretty much the entire way up the mountain, that was because her eyebrow hurt.) It took about 25 minutes to hike from the 27th Street Trailhead. You can access it from any point as long as you head in the right direction on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. I'd say the 29th Street and 27th Street Trailheads are your closest and quickest way to the Ogden Christmas Tree. 

The tree is much larger than I thought it would be. It was BEAUTIFUL! There was also a tiny tree in the back that was decorated too. Some people say it's always a mystery who comes and decorates the tree (don't worry, they also clean it up too.) but it's been around for a few years! We loved hiking to it. 

I was surprised to see all sorts of decorations on the tree. People bring ornaments, tinsel, battery operated lights and all sorts of festive things to look at. 

Aiko got super hot walking up the hill (probably because she was crying the whole time) so we took a few minutes to cool off. 

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It took her a few minutes, but she cheered right up. 

The kids spent most of their time crawling up the mountain and then sledding down in their snowsuits. I'd recommend standing on the trail to make sure they don't continue sliding ALL the way down the hill. They got going pretty fast. 

We waited until dark to get a cool night shot. Some of the Christmas lights are battery operated while the others were a usb charging cords. (We were kicking ourselves for not bringing a usb charger!) 

Be sure to turn the lights off before you leave! The kids weren't bothered at all with the dropping temperatures and I didn't cold until I slipped and got my hands wet! (Be sure to read my tips about what to wear/bring below.)

This was a super cool hike for us, we'll definitely be adding the Ogden Christmas Tree hike to our annual Christmas Traditions! 

(Photo not taken by me. @bigcahoona is the guy behind this shot.)

Helpful Tips
  • We all wore our snowboots, which aren't really the super hiking kind of boots, just regular snow boots. If it hadn't been so warm that day, it probably would have made for a much more slippery hike. The way back after the sun went down, things got icy and I could see how people would want spikes on their shoes. 
  • It probably would have been helpful to have some kind of hiking sticks or poles. 
  • .8 Miles from the 27th Street Trailhead.
  • Our kids are 4 & 6 and we hike this trail regularly.
  • Bring some extra batteries in case the Christmas light batteries are dead. 
  • Bring a USB charger so you can light up the other lights! (We didnt' know about this prior.)
  • Bring a headlamp (or we used our phones)
  • Be careful when it's icy after dark. 
  • There is a steep drop off on a short part of the trail, tread carefully. 
  • Dogs are allowed, just clean up after them. 
  • Dress the kids in layers.
  • No Bathrooms
  • Don't leave any belongings in your car. There are frequent break-ins.
  • There are many options on how to take the trail. We've highlighted ours in Orange.

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