Biking with kids in OGDEN

Ogden is one of our favorite cities, full of art and culture, but also nature and things to explore. We wanted to ride bikes through the whole city and really experience it on another level and I'm so glad we did. It was so fun. And Even Wells (Age 5) did great! Here are a few of our favorite things to see and do on Bikes in downtown Ogden.


Ride the Trackline Bike Park and explore the old cattle rail yard.


Stop and explore the Botanical Gardens. They are free to the public and great for kids to run around and explore

You can also stop and multiple stops along the river to let the kids play. (life jackets must be worn if swimming)

Ogden River Parkway is our favorite bike trail. You can hop on it at any point and get off where ever you want. It goes from Riverdale to the Ogden Canyon Waterfall! About 15 miles from end to end. We ride the entire trail a few times a year. It runs right alone the river. There are so many things to explore along the way.

And definitely stop on 25th street to get something to eat. They have so many incredible restaurants.

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