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As my kids have gotten older, I've come to realize that little boys are WAYYYY different than girls. Ha! I mean, my little girls are just as adventurous, but my little boy is constantly fidgeting, wrestling and running around. While his sister is happy to color for an hour, he's content for about 5 seconds. 

Lucky for us, Orion has a BFF that lives down the street who is his exact age and height. 

I've been thinking about bike parks for a while, ever since Jack's mom took these two mountain biking while we hiked. 

I finally just DID it. Funny, how it just takes a random thought and moment to get you out the door. I knew snow was coming soon, so this made going so much urgent to me. 

While the boys started out just a little hesitant, they were soon OFF. 

We got lucky that there weren't so many people there that day, but we got to watch some guys do some serious Jumps! You should have seen the little boys eyes! They could not believe it. 

This park had the best view of Ogden. It was almost sunset and the clouds and haze were lovely that night. 

"Mom, I'm just a little nervous." 

It took some coaxing from me on the sidelines, but Orion finally got brave to go down this hill. 

This bike park is HUGE! It's actually two levels, one upper and lower, and we didn't even go to the lower.

I didn't bring my bike, so I ended up jogging after these two kids. Thankfully, they don't go THAT fast, yet. 

I couldn't help but check out all the pretty. 

I didn't realize until watching another bike go ALL the way down the hills and then riding his bike ALL the way around back up to the start. Apparently, you aren't suppose to go back up the hills like we did. I could see how it was be dangerous to do so, especially, since some of the ramps/jumps are HUGE. But, with my two tiny guys, I seriously couldn't see them walking around that many times. We'll get there. We've got a lot to learn about bike parks. 

I didn't really notice the picnic table here by the parking lot, but there it is. Funny how walking up the hill completely changed my perspective. 

This is actually just one of the two parks we visited this week. Be sure to check out our next post about the Riverdale BMX Bike Park! 

Tell me, where is your favorite bike park!?

Helpful Tips
  • No bathrooms nearby.
  • Don't ride when it's muddy (so I've learned from reading up on these bike parks.) it can ruin the jumps.
  • Wear helmets
  • Bring water

Marsha Thu, 11/29/2018 - 19:59

For little kids, there is a small bike park in Farmington. I’m not sure of the name of it or the address but it is right before the family railroad (r &r I think). It’s one of my favorites for these reasons:
1) it’s not very big, you can see your kids pretty much the whole time
2) it has a few technical aspects but there is the easier option beside it so this makes it appealing for a balance biker all the way to an older child working on skills

Downside is that there is no parking ( have to park on the side of the road).
The park is easy to miss because there is no parking lot. It is just south of the family railroad place.

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