3 Kid Friendly Museums to add to your OGDEN BUCKETLIST

We are teaming up with Visit Ogden to bring you a list of our favorite kid friendly museums in Ogden! These were all so fun to visit on our Ogden Staycation, and the best part is that two of them are accessible from the Ogden River Parkway, so we were able to ride our bikes!

1st up, Dinosaur Museum. We took a 20 minute bike ride from our hotel downtown, to the park. The bike path runs along the river and is so beautiful! You can keep going past the dino park all the way to the Ogden Canyon Waterfall. You can also drive if you aren't up for a bike ride, but we definitely recommend trying it some time and stopping at the Botanical gardens along the river. This park is awesome because it has both inside and outside attractions, a playground, little trails to explore, and a picnic area.




Next up we have the Tree House Museum. We haven't been in a few years and I had forgotten just how fun it is for kids. Its completely interactive and everything is made to be touching and explored and played with. And true to its name, there is a  giant tree house and it is 2 stories high!





Finally, we had the Aerospace Museum, located just off i15, this museum is free and has both indoor and outdoor exhibits. You can touch some of the planes and even go inside one! They also offer summer classes, free for all ages. And they just opened  a new exhibit where you can fly using VR (there is a small fee for this activity).






If you are looking for a great way to help your kids learn and interact and have fun. We highly recommend each of these museums. The first two are geared more for ages 10 and under, the aerospace is awesome for any age.

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