Adventure Family Van EPIC Souther Utah Itinerary with AFV Builds

I don't know about you, but I think its kind of odd that we pack up and head out to spend a night in nature only to pull up into I tiny parking stall of a camp group, next to 100 other people parked in tiny stalls and sleep with their freaking porch light shining thru the window of your tent trailer. And you have to get up multiple times in the night and bang on their door to ask them to turn off the light. Oh, and don't get me started on the babies crying and dogs barking (mine included).

That was my last camping experience. And though I do love camping, I prefer off grid. And that is exactly what we go this weekend with our AFV Builds Adventure Van experience. 

They offer:

-Custom van builds for families! 

-DIY custom kits

-Van rentals


Here is our 2 Day Itinerary, with kids and a dog and where we camped off grid! We were able to drive to all of these places in our Adventure Van, they are all around Zion without actually going inside the park. 

We took one out for the weekend to explore around Zion. First stop, Smith Mesa.  The views were absolutely stunning with views of Angels Landing and Zion National Park in the distance. We set up our fire right on the edge of the cliff. It was amazing. And if was off grid!



The next day we booked tubes to float the Virgin River. It was so fun! Dogs are allowed too! We just popped Winnie in the shuttle van and they dropped us off at the put in point. The float takes about 1-1.5 hrs and is mild. There were a few rapids tho which the kids loved. Winnie swam or walked the whole way. The water was pretty shallow for the most part. We got her into a tube a couples times, but she preferred to swim.

So many people commented on how well behaved Winnie was. She really is! And we are so grateful for the training program we used. SPECIAL PRICING HERE.


Next up we explored Kolob Canyon and Cave Valley, just outside of Zion. So many great places for kids to explore.

So grateful our Adventure Van had blasting AC after the hike, plus a freezer for popcilces. 

The next day we headed to Water Canyon, just outside of Zion. This is an awesome hike for kids and dogs. It's short with a river that leads to an ice cold spring! We definitley jumped in to cool off and play for a bit.

Another fun stop in this little gift shop just outside of Zion. Its $2 entry and has a petting zoo. Dogs are welcome in the gift shop and ice cream parlor, but not inside the little town and petting zoo.

Next we headed back to camp at Lambs Knoll. You can't have fires there but they do have an outhouse and you can camp in the parking lot. There were a few other vans there for stargazing that night.

7 minutes up Lambs Knoll trail (take a right at the fork and stay along the wall heading south) you'll find this awesome slot canyon. It isn't too narrow, but there is a rock in the middle which makes it a challenge to pass. All but Dan made it over. His shoulders were to wide. But the kids and I made it.

They also had several dirt roads around the parking lot area so they kids rode their bikes around.

Helpful Tips

If you are getting a puppy, or need help with your dogs obedience, we HIGHLY recommend Cornerstone. When we were struggling with Winnie, we reached out here for help and SO many of you recommend them. They are offering INSANE rates for Salt Project Followers only.


If you are looking for a unique way to travel with kids, check out a van rental! They are small enough, you can sleep in a parking lot and they are built to go off roading and camp completely off grid with enough water, and battery to cook, charge phones, watch a movie and have some amazing AC!

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