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The list continues! We are so excited to share these amazing baby items with you today!


Softieslou lou and co

These two shops are filled to the brim with cute cuddly baby items. The star outfit is by Softies and true to its name, they are super soft! They have the cutest patterns in their shop it was so hard to choose. The Baby Bundle is from Lou Lou and Co. They have the cutest swaddling blankets, hats, and mits for new born babes. And they are all so soft. I can't wait to wrap our little one up!


Covered Goods

Ok ladies, 12 years ago, when my 1st was born, there was this new thing on the market AFTER I stopped nursing!! It was a hooter hider. Basically a blanket that tied around your neck. This was a HUGE improvement from the small swaddling blanket I used as a nursing cover for 10 months. So you better bet I got one with baby number two! It was better than just a blanket, but I hated that it only covered the front. Then after baby 4 it happened again, an new nursing cover invention! This time it covered front to back, was light weight AND can be used as a car seat cover and a shopping cart cover! Less stuff, and it all "stays put". So excited to nurse with this cover!

Sweet Ruby Co

I've already shared this shops Binky Blanky HERE. But they have more! These leather Binky Clips are so well made. I've seen a lot on the internet and they always have the end of the braid exposed. Well I don't know how Sweet Ruby does it, but they are braided with no tails! I was lucky enough to have one of these clips with my 4th baby and it was life changing. No more losing binkies!

Ok mama's, the baby needs a lot of stuff, but lets not forget about mom and dad. I thought I would add some "New Parent" gift ideas to this list, as well as some "Mom Must Haves" too!

Kindred Bravely  Nursing Bras

4 babies, 4 nursing bra experiences. None of them turned out good. It was really just a matter of "this to shall pass". I knew I wouldn't have to wear them forever. Well not this time around. These bras are life changing. In fact I'm already wearing them! Ha! Yep, wearing one right this moment in fact. They are so comfortable, and I feel like they are more supportive than my "normal" bras so why not just start now! They have the perfect balance of soft cup with just enough padding that a nursing pad wont show through. And they can bend and fold open without leaving a crease in the bra. Life changing I tell you. 

21 Rhinos Ties

All right, I found the perfect practical gift for a new dad. Introducing Utah's own Rhino ties! They have dozens to choose from and you can add a photo from instagram or download it from your computer. They shipped the same day I ordered too! My husband loves the tie and loves to show off the little hidden photo underneath. We will be ordering these for Christmas and Fathers Day gifts too!

Dwell & Slumber

This house dress has been on my list for 2 years now (both of my sisters live in them and love them). My last baby is 3 so I didn't have a valid excuse to get one, but since I'm pregnant and will be nursing I finally had my chance! They are a one size fits all dress or nightgown, or both, you pick. It has pockets and is nursing friendly. Basically an answer to every pregnant/nursing mothers prayers. And oh so comfortable.

Made By Mary

I have been adding charms with the names of my babies to a necklace for the last 12 years (picture below), but that 4th charm put it over the edge. There was no way I was going to add a 5th! It's already like walking around with jingle bells around my neck. So it was time to trade it in for a more simplified version. The Zola Disk necklace with a 7 stamped on the edge is the perfect way symbolized our finished family of 7. I paired it with the Lace Choker and love them together! They are great quality and make a simple statement. No more jingle bells.

Dulce Baby

This shop has the cutest selections from blankets to clothes and everything inbetween! Everything is super soft and perfect for cuddling your babe. People always ask how I can keep from finding out the gender and wonder what the baby will wear. Well, This is another great gender neutrual option for baby. So cute!

We have one more list of MUST HAVE BABY ITEMS FOR 2017 coming your way, then stay tuned for the biggest giveaway of the year!


Kyra Faulkner Sat, 09/09/2017 - 08:15

Entered to win through the raflecopter app! I'm due with baby no. 3 on March 3 2018. Those Made by Mary necklaces look beautiful!

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