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It's two weeks before Christmas and you suddenly realize this. What are you GOING TO DO?! You don't really want to just buy stuff to buy stuff right? Well, why not gift "something to do?"

KSL has a sweet deal on Toad's right now. Become a VIP! Here.

Like, you could purchase a punch pass to The Ninja Warehouse for the husband.

Or you could get your kids a monthly pass.

You could get some of these Ice Castle tickets super cheap.

Want to go above and beyond? Why not take the family on a Staycation? We've got a few places that you would love.

Zermatt Resort

Coral Springs Resort (KSL Deal here.)

Bear Lake's Conestoga Ranch (KSL DAY DEAL HERE! 2015 only)

What about the PASS OF ALL PASSES to Seven Peaks? It may be winter, but they still have stuff to do. See our Summer post here.

Have you or your child always wanted to join the circus? Perhaps you should buy a pass out Utah Flying Trapeze.

Food is a great way to hearts right? Thai Curry Kitchen is delicious. Read our review here, buy some discounts here.

Or make it a family affair, shoot it out at Dartside!

Like to make your gifts? Head to The Soap Factory in Provo to make some soaps for your loved ones.

Maybe your love is a super outdoor minimalist. You could always purchase a pair of locally made Unshoes!

Or perhaps you like to be prepared, make everyone a 72 hour kit!

Or have you driven a Ferrari or Lamborghini? (Me neither.) But I'd buy this deal.

Instead of getting some movie tickets, why not take the kids to the Utah Children's Theatre?

Nutcracker is playing at Peery Theater! Go for an early Christmas present.

When was the last time you ever rode a train? Have your kids EVER been on a train? Try out the Heber Creeper!

Need a cute dress? Buy your teen a lovely dress in Bountiful from Twirl.

We could go on and on you know, we are The Salt Project.

Things to do in Utah is our THANG!!


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