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Updated * 12/6/2018.

THIS PARK IS NOW GONE!!!!!!! Word has it a new one is coming. 

This park is probably more commonly known as "The Castle Park in Kaysville."

Because castles.

Are you guys always on the look out for a good park?

I had no idea this park even existed until last year, funny how having kids exposes you to the "park life."

Little Aiko can spot a slide from miles away.

Bair Creek

Stephanie introduced us to this little nature trail. 

There are probably multiple ways to access the trail, but we took the trail just east of the Castle Park, by the pavilion. It's come a long way since she last visited.  This time there was a sign with the trail, bridges and a pretty nice pathway.

We decided to walk some of the path, as some of us were not prepared for a muddy adventure.

It was beautiful. The clouds were threatening to rain on us, but luckily never did.

The river was pretty fast and SUPER cold, but that didn't keep the kids away.

Good thing we have Olyvia, to help carry all the babies!

We're not sure how long the pathway was, as the kids were getting kind of hangy.  (see explanation of word here.)


Shane Sun, 07/22/2018 - 12:32

This park is a hazard to all children. It is run down and there are many dangerous spots from the playground falling apart. It needs funding to be reconditioned. There is no creek behind the park, it’s all dried up and now is just rocks. Go somewhere else if you want to have fun with your family.

suzanne Mon, 12/03/2018 - 15:55

In reply to by Shane

I went to this park to check out the playground last month, but couldn't find it! I was right near the picnic shelters looking east. What I did see was a dumpster and a bunch of broken up concrete and lumber, did they dismantle the playground? The visit wasn't a total loss, however; the nature trail was quite nice and there was a little creek running through it.

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