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When we think of National Pancake Day, we think of HUGE pancakes! Go big or go home kinda thing. Sill's Cafe is a restaurant that has been around since the 50's. It moved from its original location years ago, but it still has the same family owned feeling. I just love family owned businesses!

Their pancakes are TO DIE FOR good!

A little back story, I used to eat at Sill's Cafe when I was a teenager. It was the "cool" place to hang out. Then, when I moved back to Utah with my own family, I started taking my kids there. It's one of their favorite birthday spots (because we let them choose where we eat on their birthday).

Another fun fact, it's current location used to be a Pizza Hut back in the day. My Dad used to work there and he would take me to work sometimes and let me fold pizza boxes and make dough (good memories). So that cute little building holds a lot of memories for me.

We always order breakfast when we go.  I'm sure the rest of the menu is as good as the breakfast but when a restaurant serves breakfast all day, you order breakfast.

Riz (6) ordered the post office breakfast off the kids menu and surprisingly finished it! The girls (10 & 9) shared a Short Stack (2 giant pancakes) for $5 and didn't make a dent! If you are feeling adventurous go for the Stack for $2 more (3 giant pancakes), and I'll be very interested to know if you do order the Stack and actually finish it (please do share).

Another favorite that we always get are the scones and the Sweet Rolls which is basically a cinnamon roll the size of a loaf of bread!

Sill's doesn't have a website, it doesn't need one. It's the kind of place that people have gone to for generations. They go for the food and the people period. Oh, man, I forgot our servers name, I was going to give her a shout out because she was so sweet and kind and helpful.

Thanks for having us Sill's Cafe! We really couldn't think of a better place to celebrate Pancakes!

Be sure to check out a few of our other favorite pancakes across the state. And we would love to hear if you have a place that we need to check out.


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