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After visiting the Swaner EcoCenter, we needed a little grub!

When I was pregnant with Aiko, I threw up anything that had red food dye. Even though Aiko is almost four now, I still get a queasy feeling when I think about drinking red anything. I'm not a big pop (yes I say pop, instead of soda) drinker, so finding a cool refreshing drink is kind of hard when you don't want food dye or lots of sugar. Haha. Luckily, right in front of my car was My Liquid Garden!

A cold pressed juice sounded right up my alley. SOOO good! We rolled in (literally, stroller cool) sat the kids down on the sweet orange chairs and ordered us some drinks.

They recommended the Watermelon and Chocolate Milk Juice. I was kind of surprised that they handed us bottles that were already made. (Aiko's hat is from this local Etsy Shop!)

Come to find out, every morning they use their giant cold-press machine and make the juices right there. Nothing is pasteurized so it’s SUPER fresh.

The Watermelon was pretty dang delicious. Minty and tasted just like summer should. I’m not a huge pop/sugar drinker, so I hardly buy drinks of any kind, but juices are a whole different story.

The Chocolate Milk was perfect. Creamy and nutty. All their drinks are vegan, so I was glad my lactose intolerant family could enjoy something with the name “milk.”

At the last minute My Liquid Garden recommended the Hummus box. Where was hummus when I was a kid? I’m sure I would have eaten it by the spoonfuls like my children do now. We love Hummus. The hummus was super fresh, just the right amounts of saltiness and tang. Plus it came with awesome dipping choices

The kids were licking their little plates trying to savor every last bite. It was dang good.

While the kids were licking I found out that My Liquid Garden is a local company founded by a local.

I love when you find out the owners are Super passionate about their business and what food they are providing.  My Liquid Garden also provides delivery in Park City, just make sure to give the 24 hours. They also have a juice cleanse that sounds pretty amazing to me!

Thanks to the My Liquid Garden for having us! We’ll be back with our glass bottles we can get a discount the next time we go for juice!

At this point, I knew the kids were tired, but they were also energized from their wholesome lunch. We all felt pretty full. So I thought we’d try one more place. I was prepared for melt downs times three. We showed up at Willow Creek Park and it was BEAUTIFUL! Be sure to check out our next post on this park.


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