Horseback Riding - MW Quarter Horses - Bear Lake

Years ago we visited MW Quarter Horses on a trip to Bear Lake and I've been dreaming of coming back ever since. Last time we were here, Berdee was just a little toddler.

I called last minute to see if they could squeeze us in and they just happened to have an opening! They also have a new arena in their backyard which was awesome because it was a cold day. It was so fun riding around and instead of taking a trail ride, we opted for the family riding experience. We got to groom, hitch up the pony and take her for a cart ride, then head to the arena to practice our riding skills and have a friendly barrel race. I got .23 or .33, I can't remember which, but I was SO excited! 

We had so much fun! Even Berdee (age 7) was getting her horse to trot and do the barrels. We highly recommend them! Also, they only charge by the horse, vs the rider, so you can take turns if you have kids and get more bang for your buck.

They offer lessons, trail rides, host family reunions, retreats, and more! 



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