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I was looking for fun things to do on our Glamping Staycation in Bear Lake and found horse back riding. I called MW Quarter horses and they just happed to have something that would work for us. We were traveling with 4 kids (ages 1-11) and taking littles on a trail ride isn't an option. Lucky for us MW Quarter horses have a variety of options for getting your horse fix for city folks like ourselves. They offer boarding, trail rides, birthday parties, reunion parties, rent a horse, you name it. I called up the owner Marie and she helped us find an option that would work for our kids ages. 

We got the whole horse experience, we brushed and saddled 2 horses (each horse is $50/hr, you can get as many as you want). Marie lead them around the field until they felt comfortable and then off they went to ride by their self! We had so much fun! She taught the kids how to use the reins, get the horse to move and even trot!

Learning how to groom the horses.

That little colt was so sweet. She followed her mama everywhere.

Horses always know I'm a push over so they never listen to me. I got her to trot for about 4 seconds. I think I need my own riding lessons.

Breckyn is my little 8 yr old horse lover. She had so much fun!

After an hour of riding, we headed back to the barn.

After riding, the kids took off the saddles and helped put them away. It was so nice to get a real hands on experience.

And then to top it off, the barn cat had a litter of kittens for us to cuddle on.

Marie said that people come to her ranch for reunions and rent several horses and spend the day barrel racing and having riding competitions (obviously these people know what they are doing). She also has first time riders come, kids birthday parties, you name it. 

They are super kid friendly and there was a play ground and a big field to play in.

Helpful Tips
  • Call Marie to book reservation
  • Located at the South end of Bear Lake
  • Bathrooms available

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