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I’ve been so excited to take my kids to tour Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory. I think they had me at free samples. Since it is only $1 per person, I invited all my friends to join us. We had about 10 little kids with us so this was the ultimate kid-friendly test!

Our tour guide was so sweet and dealt with all our kids beautifully. She was patient, friendly and kind. Absolutely perfect.

The tour starts in the front store room. There is a glass window that lets you see a woman hand dipping chocolates. It was pretty amazing watching her work the chocolate and constantly testing the temperature.

We then headed upstairs to see the tools they use. Our kids thought they’d entered a giant’s kitchen. It was so fun to see their eyes get wide over the oversized wisk.

We were then taken into the movie room where we watched a video about the history and operation of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s. Although informative, our kids got tired of the movie about 5 minutes in. It was just a little too long for our little kiddos. But the room is very kid friendly and if they need to move around a little, they definitely have the space to do so.

After the movie, the real fun began. FREE SAMPLES!

We first tried an unsweetened cocoa chip. Our tour guide was nice enough to give us a little unsweetened chip with a large sweetened chip so that the bitter taste didn’t stay in our mouth too long. I’m a dark chocolate fan so I didn’t think the unsweetened chip was too bad. Our kids were not fans.

We were then led to a big window that showed the factory at work. Our tour guide told us what each worker was making and where it was headed. We were all drooling the entire time.

And then we got another free sample. This time is was a chocolate covered caramel. Oh man was it good. The tour ends in the train room. It’s a family collection of model trains and villages. Our kids could have stayed here for hours. Do you notice my friends little boy wearing the train conductor overalls? Yeah, he was in heaven.

Mrs. Cavanaugh’s is a local chocolate company that literally puts family first. They came close to losing the factory a few years ago. Instead of giving up, the whole family pulled together and got to work. The entire family works for Mrs. Cavanaugh’s and has helped it get back on their feet. And thank heavens, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s chocolates are my favorites.

After the tour, we were given the chance to buy an ice cream cone for $1 and get an awesome discount on chocolate. Ice cream and chocolate? Yes please!

Helpful Tips
  • Tours for Mrs. Cavanaugh’s can be scheduled by calling 801-677-8888.
  • Tours are $1 per person and run M-F 10-3, by appointment.
  • Half of our GPS’s got us there just fine and the other half took us to the wrong place. Here’s the key, when you exit the highway, turn onto the road just north of the Flying J. Head east on that road and it will lead you right to the factory.

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