Movara Fitness Resort. What we really thought.


In March, we booked a week long stay the the fitness resort Movara, located just outside of St.George in Ivans Utah. Check in is Sunday and check out is the following Sunday. Thats right. It's a week! One week to explore trails on group hikes, experience movement with personal trainers and group fitness classes, and receive clarity in your life.

True healing physically, emotionally and mentally. It was a complete RESET for us and that word was used for many others as well.

We asked the returning guests why they keep coming back. They said, "just wait. you'll see". So heres what we really thought about our experience at Movara.

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The cold honest truth. It was the greatest gift I ever could have given myself. One week. Giving myself one week. A week off from the crazy life (that I love) but lets be honest, life can be overwhelming and I have decision fatigue from all the choices i have to make daily. At Movara , the only choice I had was what to choose for breakfast! All meals are prepared and served at meal times. Everything we ate was incredible! EVERY SINGLE THING! 

Everything is healthy and so good for you too! I could't finish most of the meals and we were only eating 1250 calories a day. The food was so nutrient rich! Thats an entire days worth of food for the same caloric density as a value meal at McD's!

The resort was stunning. The hikes were breathtaking.

The workouts were FUN! I don't love exercising. There I said. I told you I was going to give your the honest truth. But I have to say, they actually made it fun. Everyone was working at their own pace, at their own level, and we were all there to encourage and love eachother where we were. It was the coolest experience.

Hikes were daily. 7 groups going at different paces. The guides would definitely  challenge you, but stopped when you needed to stop and went at your pace. If you wanted to take a more challenging rout, they woud offer it. Or the easier option as well.

We tried every imaginable movement option that week. We were open to trying new things and found a few that we fell in love with like boxing.

We stayed in a villa. The grounds were stunning!

You want to walk around in a robe?  no problem. We did eat in our robes one night since we were coming from water aerobics  and wanted to hit the sauna afterwards.

I told you the food was good. Still dreaming about it.

For breakfast, you have about a dozen choices to make a combination  of proteins and carbs of your choice.

We met the most amazing people during the week. And since you are all there for the whole week, you really get to know eachother and hang out all day together.

So many hiking guides, so if you end up going faster or slower, you will always have someone with you.

Dessert every night. So happy about this lol!

Movara gave me so much clarity in every aspect of my life. Physically, I learned that I can do hard things. I'm capable . I can push myself and my body will show up for me every time. Mentally, I'm stronger than I thought. Our minds are so powerful! Emotionally, this experience was so healing. Tho we were working hard, losing weight, building muscle, fueling our bodies and minds with amazing  food and valuable  information. It was also a break. A break from the hustle of life. A break from making  decisions . I just let people tell me what to do and where to be at what time. It was awesome! I stayed in a beautiful villa. Slept like a baby every night. And the best part is that I talked Dan into going with me. All he heard was "couples retreat", so he was a little shocked when he found out it was a fitness resort. But he gave it his all and showed up for everything with me and we ended up having the best couple retreat together! And made the best memories. Its truly a gift to do hard things with the person you love and show up for yourself and encourage each other to keep showing up and prove that you can do hard things together. And by hard, I mean waking up at 6:30 to catch the sunset, no sugar, no caffeine , and push our bodies to their full capacity. 

I walked away from this experience a changed person. 70% of guests are return guests! That speaks for its self! And they were right when they said, "just wait. you'll see why we keep coming back".

Id rather go to Movara for a week every year than sit on a beach and read a book for a week. It was the best thing i've ever given myself.

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PS you can use code SALT when booking to receive a FREE massage! 

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