Mountain Man Rendezvous | Fort Buenaventura | Ogden | Easter Weekend

Down by the banks of the Fort Buenaventura...

The Mountain Man Rendezvous is held every Easter weekend. I kind of wish it was on another weekend, but it makes for a fun weekend. Did you guys ever have a rendezvous in elementary school?

Stephanie and I are kind of ridiculously infatuated with the Mountain Man Rendezvous.

So much that Stephanie dressed her cute family the appropriate clothing.

I failed on that aspect. Next year I won't! Gah, now that I think about it, I even had some mini cowboy boots that I thrifted for little brother.

There are bunch of reasons why we love this event.  Hopefully, you'll find them as cool as we do.
The candy cannon was a favorite with Steph's kids.  All the children were patiently waiting for that cannon to blow.
They gathered their bounty and then stored them in their cowboy hats and boots.

I believe that most of the items you see at the Rendezvous have to be hand made.  I'm such a sucker for anything handmade. I love checking out each of the booths, tents, blankets. You literally are placed back 100 years. The ambience of Fort Buenaventura is pretty authentic.

I especially love to look at peoples' wares if it's displayed on a blanket with people dressed up in deerskins or civil war clothing.

It seems you can almost buy anything. A few years ago I saw someone selling a bucket for toilet.

You can even camp out at the Fort.  You can rent teepees (I'm not sure who you contact.) or bring in your RV and camp out for the weekend.

Prices range and bartering is encouraged. I even got to try a letterpress machine with Benjamin Franklin.  He sold copies of the Constitution for $4. 

The trapper on the right side sold some amazing beaded bracelets.  He originally wanted $15 for one, but he gave us 3 for $25.
I'd never felt a true beaver pelt before, it was amazingly soft and spongy all at the same time.
There are canoe races, hatchet throwing, knife throwing, dutch oven cooking and gun shooting competitions.  Nothing like watching people throw hatchets!

Steph's kids loved their bow and arrows.

So many teepees! 

It's not uncommon for people to walk around in hand made clothing. I didn't even feel bad staring at people.  I wanted to see how they stitched all their clothing together or what it was made of.

One half of the park has the RV's and the food trucks.  The food is excellent, but be aware that it does take a while. Luckily, there is a park and slide so the kids can play while you wait.

The ribbon potatoes are a must.  Even though, really, if you think about how cheap potatoes's still worth it once in a while.

Truly, it's such a unique event. I feel like it gives us a true appreciation for living in Utah and the wild west!

We hope that next year, you'll plan around this favorite event!  If only it happened multiple times a year.

8:00am-6:00pm Saturday
10:00am-1:00pm Sunday
Entrance Fee(s)
$2 Per Person
Children under 5 free
Helpful Tips
  • Held Easter Weekend each year.
  • Strollers can be pushed through most areas.
  • Bring CASH!
  • Barter with these guys.  Ask if they'll take so much and then shake when the price is right!
  • Dressing up in time era clothing is encouraged.
  • Bathrooms are available.
  • Food and drinks are available.
  • Dogs are allowed.
(801) 399-8491

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