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Last time I visited there wasn’t even a trickle of water…so I’m glad I actually went back on this hike again, to help change my perspective. On our last day, we headed out semi-early to Mossy Cave Trail outside of Bryce National Park, that’s still considered part of Bryce Canyon. 

This .4 mile roundtrip hike is SUPER easy and you could probably do it in a stroller. In fact, we told a gal to do it in a stroller. 

The last part has two switchbacks that you might not be able to push the stroller, but I’d would give it a go. 

Anyway, this easy hike was much more impressive this time around than my last visit. Last time, I thought it was cool, but nothing special. This time, it totally changed my mind. 

But, because of the snowmelt, there was an awesome waterfall.

Part of the Tropic Canal (Which we saw above at the Rim here) it comes all the way down to Mossy Cave. 

At the end of the trail, you come to a Y, where you can go to Mossy Cave or go and check out the Waterfall. We checked out Mossy Cave and the year-round icicles but then went to explore the waterfall. 

The water is running pretty swiftly, so be sure to watch the kids closely. 

Of course, the kids spent quite a bit of time exploring and checking out all the things! 

Loving our new Gaston Luga bag. (use code: SALT) for discount.

We headed back down to the bridge to walk up to the waterfall. 

The waterfall was freaking amazing! This made the hike all worth it!

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Helpful Tips
  • Kid Friendly
  • .4 Miles Round Trip
  • Bathrooms at Trailhead
  • Shade only at the end of trail.
  • I'd say you could take a stroller. 


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