Moqui Cave | 12 Utah Staycations

I thought for sure since it was the middle of winter, this sweet little tourist attraction was closed but it was OPEN! I love roadside attractions and this place was just my vibe.

I get all sorts of excited when I see things like this.  This is actually a natural sandstone cave with a few improvements to the outside of course. 

Once inside, it's 65 degrees and OH SO COOL. No pun intended. Seriously.

We actually met the owners of Moqui Cave! It's a family run business and has been for three generations. The original owner (Garth Chamberlain) bought the cave and turned it into a bar and dance hall. Since it's always cool in the cave, they would serve cold beers! 

I should have taken notes, there is a whole bunch of cool history and fun facts. Like see the photo above? Once there was a freaking Triceritops sculpted out of cement and chicken wire?! Garth totally made it himself! Crazy cool. 

The original bar is still there and the countertops are worth staring at for a good long time. 

The second portion of the cave has this sweet teepee entrance with more cool history in the back. 

I don't want to share too much, but I think this is for SURE worth the stop. Be sure to stop in the gift shop! Lots of fun things there. We actually got some stickers and a Christmas ornament (the only touristy thing we ever buy.) I love hearing about quirky history and this is a good place to stop!

There's a fossil sandpit and some perfect places to take fun photos. 

The kids loved running around and even made some friends. The owners kids were there and it's funny how quickly kids make friends. 

We loved meeting the owners and chatting for a while. I know you'll love visiting as much as we did!

Monday-Saturday 9AM-7PM
Entrance Fee(s)
I think $6 a person is what they told me on the phone. It's not on the website.
Helpful Tips
  • Porta Potties during the winter, but I think they said they have normal bathrooms when the temps are warmer. 
  • Somewhat ADA friendly, there is one small step into the gift shop. 
  • Be sure to tell them you saw them on The Salt Project! 
(435) 644-8525

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