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"I'm pretty tried, I think I'm done running now." Forrest Gump

That's right people. How many of you knew Forrest Gump himself once ran this Utah road? many of you knew Monument Valley wasn't even in UTAH?! (Well part of it isn't.) Sheesh, the things you learn. I had not done any research beforehand, all I knew was that we were going to Monument Valley to watch the sunset. Next time, I'm going to find some books. (Yes, I still like actual books.)

We were trying to find the spot for our epic sunset photos in Monument Valley, but I'm not even sure what I was expecting.

I mean, we watched the sunset, but perhaps it's because we didn't know WHERE we were suppose to watch this epic sunset.

Honestly, I was slightly disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful. Maybe it was because we weren't even in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Of maybe it was because we had very little time to spend in Monument Valley...So if you have any tips about where to go and watch the sunset, or tell me what I'm missing, I'd love to hear it.

Maybe it's because we'd seen so many amazing things that day I was numbed.

Sometimes, when I don't know what to expect I get upset because I feel like I'm missing something!

For our next visit, I'll be more prepared. I'm pretty sure we needed to stay for a whole day (or a few) and not just a couple hours.

We did however end up eating dinner at The View. We ate Navajo Tacos (which were delish) and some Navajo Fry Bread.

In the end, it was kind of nice sitting on the side of the road, watching my kids running around in the sand and watching the sun go down.


36.993616, -110.142072

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