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We’re super excited to #partner up with Minky Couture today! Did you know that these ultra soft blankets are actually made in Utah? That’s right today we are featuring another awesome Utah Company just in time for Mother's Day!

No one is more excited about soft blankets than my Aiko. When choosing a blanket, I went with the Silver Cream No Ruffle mainly because it looked kind of like animal fur and so cuddly! If it had been up to Aiko, she would have chosen the pinkest, ruffliest, blanket in stock.

These photos are literally the first time she’s touched a Minky blanket. She was in heaven. She kept saying things like “Mom, this is my favorite blanket ever!”

“It’s so soft!”

"I never want to get up."

I’ll admit, I was impressed with the amount of time she hung out with this blanket. Not only was she cuddling the blanket, but she somehow turned it into a toy. She’d hide under it, make me "find" her.

(She's hiding under the blanket here.)

I've hardly had any time with my new blanket!

We also picked the Divinity Charcoal (No Ruffle) for baby sister! She's due in September and I'm glad I chose a neutral color, because at the time, I wasn't sure what the gender was. 

Aiko had to test out Baby Sister's blanket on her beloved Monkey.

Minky has tons of different color options. In fact, baby Vesper (my 1 year old) has a Minky Blanket that Stephanie actually gave her when she was born. (I don't see the pattern in stock.) But it's her favorite blanket!

Eventually, Orion found out about the world's softest blanket and came to play with Aiko. Somehow, we got Aiko to share it with him.

We're super excited to share more about Minky Couture, so be sure to follow along on our Instagram! We'll be sharing a discount and Mother's Day giveaway soon!


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