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Mild to Wild Rhino Tours were recommended to us by Cable Mountain Lodge where we were staying just outside of Zion National Park.
We came to Zion for the hiking, so taking an ATV tour hadn't even crossed our mind. We were so grateful for the recommendation!

Minimum age for riders is 3, our littlest is 2 so my husband stayed back at the lodge with my youngest two and I took the oldest two (9,11 yrs) with me on the tour.


These guys definitely live up to their name Mild to Wild. I've been off roading a time or two but this was straight up crazy! Buddy and his brother in law led the way, the kids and I followed in the ATV behind them. We were supplied with jacket, bandanas, sunglasses, drinks and snacks. Buddy even came prepared with sunscreen. Luckily it was early and we didn't need any.

What an amazing way to see Zion and the surrounding valley from up above. ATVing is not allowed in the park, so this is a great opportunity to see the area from above.

At one point we could see Nevada, Arizona, and Utah at once.

Starting at 14, kids can steer while Buddy controls the gas and brake from the middle seat. 

The ride is 3 hours long and includes several stops for photos and bathroom (if needed).
There is one point where your ATV will literally be vertical! Facing straight down, and other times you will be sideways. Buddy was very encouraging and we successfully climbed all the trails without tipping. And if this sounds to wild for you, there is always option 2, and you can take the mild path.

This was an unforgettable experience for my kids and I!

Dan totally missed out, so we will definitely have to go again next time so he can try it.

Mild to Wild Rhino Tours are totally worth it!

We loved our experience, loved Buddy, he was so helpful, kind, and encouraging and we knew we were in good hands (even if the trail said "Hazardous Road, use at your own risk").

These guys are an absolute must to add to your Zion Bucket List!


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