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This was our second year visiting the Midway Ice Castles. It's quite the sight to behold. Our kids look forward it our visit each time and talk about it for weeks after. If you are thinking about it, DO IT! You won't regret it!

We wanted to share 5 Tips for a visit to the Midway Ice Castles!


#1 No Strollers Allowed

If you have littles that might get tired, or cold, consider bringing a sled with a rope to drag around, or use a carrier so you can keep your hands free for picture taking and holding hot cocoa. We have used, oh, i don't know, at least 6 baby carriers in the last 11 years. I have 4 kids and I feel like I have tried every type of carrier on the market. Some I bought, some I borrowed, but I never really loved any of them, they always dug into my shoulders. I have to say, I finally found a winner! The LÍLLÉbaby! I'm sad that I didn't find it until 6 months ago, because my baby is 2 now, and I would have loved to have used it the last 2 years. Luckily she still loves being carried and I'll get another year or two out of this carrier. I borrowed my friends LÍLLÉbaby carrier on our trip to Yellowstone last year and I fell in love. It was SO comfortable!!! I was blown away. I knew I needed one for the hiking season ahead.

We ordered the green organic cotton carrier. It is SO soft, and it's perfect for a boy or girl. Berdee (2 yrs) loves it. I carry her around the house in it all the time. This was our first field trip wearing it, and with both of us in coats and snow gear and it still worked great! She wanted to stay in it the whole time we were there.

#2 Slides first

This year they have several slides! They even had little plastic mats to sit on so you could go faster. We LOVED the mats, but the lines was so long we only went once. We recommend hitting the slides first thing! Then you can spend the rest of the time exploring the castles. If you save the slides to the end you might be too cold at that point and waiting in line will be the last thing you want to do. But they are totally worth it!

#3 Layer up

Of course I was rockin' my new Salt Project UTAH hat! And they are on sale right this moment! HERE. Be sure to wear layers. The kids complained of being hot a couple times (they were playing pretty hard), but as soon as the sun went down, or we were waiting in the slide line, we got cold quick! Hats, mittens, and good snow boots are a must. And we definitely recommend snow pants for kids.

#4 Get tickets online 

They only let so many people in at a time. If you order tickets on-line, you can pick a time slot. You will have a 30 minute window to arrive. They just scan your tickets on your phone and then you can stay as long as you want! If you don't order on-line, you might have to wait or you might not be able to go in at all. Use discount code USFamily17 for 15% off tickets. (Link on Sidebar.)

#5 Weekdays for the win

We went on a Friday this year and it was definitely more crowded. Go mid-week if you are able and plan ahead to snatch the earliest spots available!

You will definitely work up an appetite at the Midway Ice Castles! Checking out all of the charming local spots in town is our favorite thing to do in Midway. This trip we decided to try Snake Creek Grill. You can see our review here. It's located in an old hotel straight out of a movie! I highly recommend the Swiss Onion Soup!

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Helpful Tips

Friday and Saturday Nights they have fire dancers! (Thanks Camille for these shots.)



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