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This isn’t sponsored by any means. I was super impressed with the service so I’d thought I’d tell you about it. I just now realized that this hotel is just outside of Vernal, so technically it's in Naples.

So, whenever we travel, my husband is usually the one who likes to book the hotels, flights and car stuff. He loves to do it and I’m not about to take over his job. This time though, he wasn’t coming with us, so I had to book everything myself. Now, I know in this digital world it’s easy right?

Wrong. Somehow, I booked 2 rooms 3 times for the same day. The only reason I even knew something was wrong was because my husband said there were two $800 dollar charges on our cards.

Now, I’m not picky on my hotels, but I knew I had done something wrong. I decided to call, because I couldn’t see anything wrong on my account online. The customer service man was very nice and explained the issue to me. Luckily, they let me cancel the extra rooms after asking the hotel if it was okay.

Long story short, because I had such a crazy room order, the manager at the hotel knew exactly who I was when I walked in. (I’m not sure if this is bad or good.) Either way, he was like “Oh, yes! We’re glad to see you.”Then he was ever so helpful and gave me a “family style” room over the breakfast  (I also didn’t know breakfast was included) area so we wouldn’t bother anyone with our 2 toddlers and 6 month old baby. They also had a baby playpen and extra blankets.

So, they let me cancel my extra rooms, gave me a little bit bigger room, breakfast was included, they had fresh cookies, there was a perfect sized swimming pool, rooms were clean and nice,  they had a baby pack ‘n’ play and had some pretty friendly service.I felt like they went above and beyond for this crazy mama and I was super impressed by their service.

Also, I’ve decided to let my husband book all future travel from here.


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