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After visiting U-Dig Fossils in Delta, Steph's fam headed one way and we headed another! Another perk of RV Trips! You can go wherever you want! Stephanie visited Meadow Hot Springs the day before and we visited the next day. 

The last time I visited Meadow Hot Springs was in February 2016! Goodness, it's been too long! The first spring is always busy. 

The kids loved wandering around the edges and playing on the mossy rocks. Don't forget floaties for the kids. 

How funny is the toilet inflatable? Ha, we thought it was a spaceship, but come to find out it's a toilet. 

We stayed about 30 minutes at the main Spring but then headed over to the second spring. It's a colder spring, but it's bigger and there's lots of fish there! 

The kids didn't really swim as much as try to catch fish, well, at least Orion spent the whole time trying to catch fish. 

Farah and Aiko did go swimming for a while. It's been a cold October, but the Spring kept them just warm enough. 

We spent a couple hours out at the Spring and even had some local visitors! Ha, the cows just came in and hung out with us to drink and then left. 

We fed the fish some was amazing how many came up to eat it. 

We eventually coaxed a fish into our container! Orion was SOOOO happy. He probably spent a good hour sitting by the side. 

Before we left, I did jump in once! It's apparently a tradition because I jumped here last time our way out! (See our past posts here.)

Have you been to Meadow Hot Springs? Leave a comment below, we'd love to know. Tag #THESALTPROJECT on your photos! 

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Helpful Tips

Check out our past post and tips here! 

  • No Restrooms, closest ones are the great outdoors or going back into town.
  • On Private Property but has given permission to all to swim.
  • You can Scuba Dive on this hot spring.
  • There's also a second and third pond.
  • There's a fence where most people park, you can drive all the way to the pond, but 4wheel drive is a must.
  • The road gets pretty rough when it's muddy. It's a five-minute walk from the fence.


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