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We love testing out local businesses for y'all! And I have to say. We LOVE  Mathnasium. After going 2x week for the last couple months. Riz said he wants to work there one day! He has taken over teaching his sibling math for homeschool and is so sweet and patient with them. I heard him say to Wells, "see, you're getting it, doesn't that make your brain feel good"?

He has just naturally started helping them and told me he wants to take over their teaching! It's such a beautiful part of our morning, watching him help and encourage his younger siblings with math now. And I have Mathnasium to thank.

We stopped by the Layton Mathnasium for Riz to take a free assessment during the summer then he tried a class to see how he like it. Anyone can do this, just stop by and make an appointment. It's FREE and easy.

The assessment was just to find out where he was so they could customize his program, see if he had any holes in his math skills that they could help fill in, and give us a starting point.

They really focus on making sure kids master skills vs just teaching to a test and moving along. His customized program is focused specifically on him and his needs which is awesome.

I wish school taught math like this. It's so frustrating that they force kids to move at the same pace. Many are bored, many fall behind and never catch up, and some just float somewhere in the middle.

Mathnasium has one on one tutoring. They work at the Childs pace, using customized worksheets to work out problems, not a phone or computer. They use games, and different manipulative to help teach so its fun and engaging too.

They also help with homework, improve problem solving, has personalized programs with proven results. So if you just need help with homework or studying for a test, they can help with that too!


If your kid is struggling with math, I would 100% give Mathnasium a try. Having one on one help without the pressure of a test is a game changer. They have a reward system with daily points towards cool stuff that they can buy. They also get entered to win $100 when they pass assessments. They know exactly how to motivate kids and they are amazing at connecting with them, making them feel welcome (greeting them by name), and helping them understand concepts.

This post is sponsored, but The Salt Project's opinions are 100% our own.
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Free 1 time study help! If you have a test you need help with or homework help, go try them out!

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