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I loved my Stock and Barrel Make + Master workshop so much that I decided to surprise my husband Dan and send him to one for Father's Day. It was such a rad class I just wanted to give you a quick glimpse into his workshop. We are kind of obsessed with what Make and Master is doing, offering workshops to our community from skilled craftsman in our community. Love love love.

We were actually headed to the Scottish Festival when I had him exit into SLC. He asked why, I told him it was for his Father's Day gift. I directed him to the Church and State building and he all headed inside, no questions asked, made our way down stairs, and into a room full of people at tables. I'm sure he was a little confused. Thats when I told him the news! Surprise! You're not coming to the festival with us, you are going to stay here and learn how to make an awesome shelf!

He was a little nervous, not having planned on attending, but he found an empty seat and ended up sitting next to a guy who was also attending via a surprise Fathe's Day gift! His wife just gave him the address and told him to go down stairs and not be late. So I wasn't the only wife that thought this would make a great Father's Day gift!

After the festival, I stopped back in SLC to pick him up from class. He was just finishing, perfect timing!

Chad @thefurniturejoint and Dan with the finished product!

The next Make + Master workshop is June 25th, a film photography class! It's going to be AMAZING!! I think there are only a couple seats left. Deets HERE!


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