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Two weeks ago, we teamed up with MAD Greens to check out their new place in Station Park in Farmington. I know it's cold now...but I'm still craving the Crazy Ivan Salad from MAD Greens. I've actually tried multiple beet salads all over Utah and even in California the past few months and MAD Greens is my absolute FAVE! (pregnancy cravings for sure, although I've always loved beet salads.) It's kind of weird that I even like beets, I didn't start liking beets until 8 years ago or something.

Their new place is pretty amazing. It's open, light, and green everywhere! There are so many options, especially for those with food allergies, or allergies to green things. (I'm just thinking of a few people who don't like veggies.) They have paninis, wraps, soups, salads, kids meals; food for everyone.

You watch them make your salad right there. They even ask you how much dressing you want.

It takes quite a bit to feed our crew, but there was definitely more than enough food for each person, even when ordered one for each. The salads are more on the side of huge...but never fear, my pregnant self ate it all with no complaint.

The kids LOVED their AWESOME Boxes. One of our kids' favorite ways to each lunch is in a muffin tin with everything separated, so they loved their own little boxes!

It's also great for those of us who prefer not to have our food touching each other. Plus this helps with food allergies.

Let's not forget our Juices! We tried the Beet It, Mint Cooler, and Wake-Up. The Beet It was definitely beety, like I said, I've been on a beet kick, but I found it refreshing and delicious. I call it earthy tasting and the best part is the kids don't care for it, so I get it all to myself! We all liked the Mint Cooler, very light and tasty. The Wake-Up was fruitier and seemed to be the favorite of all the kids.

See what I mean about large salad portions? I do get super bugged when I order a salad for dinner and it's tiny, so MAD Greens gets two thumbs up from me for big!

Some of the kids ordered the Ham and Cheese Panini. I found myself staring and wanting to take a bite.

We kind of shoved the kids into the side booth and then we adults sat next to them on our own table. It was kind of nice, we were just far enough away to feel like we could be adults.

Oh, did I mention that they HAND MAKE 20 different kinds of dressings a DAY?! I'm a sucker for some excellent dressings. I really don't like Ranch and get tired of having Italian. But fresh, new flavors of dressing? Sign me up.

We didn't get a chance to try the desserts, we were stuffed, but their cookies look amazing. Don't forget to try some of their special Pepper Mix!

The Salt Project is super excited to have MAD Greens so close, so be sure to try them out. #TheSaltProject & #Madgreens so we can see your photos!


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