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Brittney here! Can you believe I'd never been to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium? My kids went with their Grandma while she was in town for the birth of our baby but I had never been. It's amazing that you can visit exhibits from all over the world. Journey to South America, Expedition: Asia, the Deep Sea, the South Pole or the Ocean!

My kids were so excited to play tour guides for the day and show me all their favorite exhibits. These were the exhibits they remembered most from their first visit. 

The Penguins 

I believe my kids wanted to show me this exhibit so badly because they know that penguins are my absolute favorite animal. This was my favorite penguin exhibit I've seen, and trust me, I've seen quite a few! The glass setup lets you see both the penguins hanging out above the water and those swimming through the water. They're such a fascinating animal so we could have stayed right here all day! 

The Leopard

I didn't realize before coming but there are plenty of exhibit that aren't water animals. The leopard being one of our favorites. When we went he was just hanging out on the tree branch barely moving a muscle. He was such a beautiful animal! 

The Electric Eel

This was a cute little exhibit. The eel was just an eel, long and kind of ugly, but this little contraption that showed you what it felt like to touch an electric eel was the only thing my seven year old wanted to show me. They loved putting their little finger on the buttons and feeling the shock wave run through their little arms. For me, I could do without the shock. It wasn't terrible but I'm not a fan of that feeling. 

4D Movies 

When you go you have to go to one of the 4D movies. There's one playing almost every hour so it's pretty easy to catch one during your visit. They're about 20-30 minutes each. We saw the one about penguins, of course! We wore our 3D glasses and throughout the movie we got spray with mists of water and air. My for year old was so confused, she thought they were coming from the movie!

My favorite part of our whole trip was when we walked out to go home and realized it was really hot outside. It's always so hard to keep kids entertained and off the screens during the hot, hot months of summer. The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is such a good option! 


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