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I don't know about you, but I find it so difficult getting my kids outside to burn off energy during the late Fall and Winter months! It's dark by 5pm! I mean, I could strap some flashlights to their heads and send them running off outside but that seems like a recipe for disaster! What's a mom to do with a house full of stir crazy kids?! Check out the classes at The Little Gym, that's what! I am so happy with the classes my kids are taking at the Little Gym in Orem, not only are they burning off that surplus of energy but they are also cultivating life skills! 

The Little Gym's philosophy is to help children build confidence and gain skills by encouraging children to do their best one smile at a time! Each class is specially designed with age appropriate learning outcomes that help improve not only physical wellness but also academic success!

The Little Gym promotes growth in three specific areas.

  1. Get Moving! The focus here is on teaching children flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and overall fitness.
  2. Brain Boost! These skills are meant to foster listening, concentration, problem solving and creative expression.
  3. Citizen Kid! Teaching children to work well in groups, listen to others and how to be a good leader!

I really love these skills and the approach with which they are taught!

I have two kids that are in grade school and a little guy that is 2 1/2, all three have had a great time making new friends, learning healthy habits and being physically active. All three of my kids sleep amazingly well the nights they have classes and that alone is worth its weight in gold!

I'm also just going to take a moment and brag specifically about the teachers at The Little Gym in Orem. They go above and beyond, remembering each kids name, being encouraging and making sure everyone feels comfortable with the skill of the week.

They are so patient, especially with my 2 1/2 year old who at first just wanted to run around and do his own thing! Now, he is actually listening and really participating in the class activities. 

All because his teacher was patient and continually encouraging!

The Little Gym offers a wide variety of programs at all their locations from age 4 months to 12 years as well as a 30 minute open gym practice time!

Visit The Little Gym's Website to find a location close to you and make the most of those dark winter afternoons!

Bonus for you our readers, use the code "TheSaltProject" for 10% off enrollment! 

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