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This is an awesome hike for littles! Which means it was very enjoyable for Harmony and I. Happy kids means happy moms!

It's a simple 1.3 mile loop with 13 signs along the way that talk about the area. Educational bonus points for this one.

And speaking of educational, when my kids got out of the car I took one look at them and said "y'all look like you're homeschooled"! It's ok, I can say that because we indeed homeschool, we just don't usually "look" like we homeschool.

Always best to get a group photo "before" the hike.

May 30th and we had snow right at the beginning of the trail. No problem. We all grabbed a stick/branch and headed out.

Although there was snow, it was really nice weather.

We found a white squirrel, is that even a thing? Maybe it was just albino. Either way, super cool.

Insert educational opportunity number one. These plaques are placed all along the trail. We actually learned a lot on this hike.

Nature is so cool.

Check out that rock stuck in the roots.

"I'll be back" -The Terminator

The view from the top was so beautiful.

The kids had a blast sliding all over the snow. We just wish we had brought a sled!

Sweet baby wells.

View of the lake from the top.

toward the end of the hike we got caught in a hail storm, turned rain storm. We waited under trees for about 5 minutes until the worst of it was over.

Afterwards there was a river of water flowing down the trail.

Poor Aiko (age 6) got pelted pretty good. But she was still a trooper and made it back to the car in one piece.

This hike was more of a nature trail with a very gradual incline/decline. It had beautiful views and we all had a great time exploring.

The Salt Project
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • 13 total Nature Signs
  • 2 Year Toddler did 75% of the hike herself.
  • Somewhat Shaded
  • Bathrooms at the beginning of trail.
  • I'd almost say you could push a stroller on this trail. 
  • 1.3 Loop Trail
  • Fairly Flat
  • Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.
  • Hiked through the snow on trail in May.


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