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During our failed attempt to see the lights at Temple Square last month (the place was so packed we just turned around and went home. Word to the wise, Don't Go On the Saturday Before Christmas.) We saw signs downtown for the Mummy Exhibit at The Leo. I missed the Body World Exhibit last year and have been kicking myself ever since. So I added the Mummy Exhibit to my Winter Bucket List and I'm SO glad I did!

My kids always beg to go to The Leonardo. It's one of their favorite museums and its located right down town so it's close and easy to get to so we were thrilled that they hosted us for our first field trip of 2016.

We studied Mummies and early Egyptians last year in our Homeschool so I knew they kids would be excited to see real mummies! I sure was!

Out of respect to the humans whose bodies we were viewing, they ask viewers not to take photographs. I had special permission to take photos so I could share them here and give y'all some insight to what to expect on your visit, but I did try to limit how much of the mummy was shown.

The information shared was fascinating. 

As we walked from room to room, we let the kids (10yrs-18m) walk around freely and explore. There was a stop-motion film that showed the decomposition of food and animals, this was a HUGE hit! They loved controlling the speed of the video and watching things decompose. I think I know what we will be exploring next in Science class!

Little Miss Berdee (18m) was in an impossibly bad mood this particular morning so I spent the majority of the time trying to keep her quiet and happy, up, down, up, down, you mammas know the drill. But even with her bad day, she enjoyed the exhibit more than I expected.

The shrunken heads blew me away. I'm now obsessed and going to see if I can find more info on them on our next library trip.

We finished the exhibit in about an hour. I could have stayed longer, but Berdee was ready to run wild and free. 

At the end, there are books where you can share your thoughts about your experience. Locke (10 yrs) wrote "Not scary, it was Terrifying!!!" I was laughing so hard. Poor kid, he's not a fan of anything that has to do with the inside of a body; blood, bones, he just can't do it. Plus those little shrunken heads were a little creepy. 

Breckyn (8yrs) didn't have a problem and stated that it was indeed NOT scary. My favorite part was when my little niece Ela (5yrs) said "are we coming back to see these Zombies"? 

All in all, the kids loved it and I HIGHLY recommend it! 

The Mummy Exhibit ticket includes entrance to the rest of the museum as well! So we basically spent the entire day there. More about the rest of the museum HERE.

Helpful Tips

"Mummies of the World" Exhibit with Audio Tour and Admission to The Leonardo for Two or Four (Up to 32% Off) GROUPON DISCOUNT! HERE

  • Find FREE 2 hour parking along the streets 1 block away from the museum. I just found this out on this last trip. We play for 2 hours, go get lunch, then come back and play for 2 more hours. 
  • Ticket for The Mummies Exhibit includes admission for the entire museum at The Leo!
  • You can also use "THREEOFF" to get $3 off tickets.

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